Urban Forest Management Plan Toolkit

This site provides a “how-to” approach to develop an Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP). The toolkit will lead you through a planning process. You will also find example plans here for both small and large site areas.

Forest Service 'Vibrant Cities' Urban Forestry Toolkit

The U.S. Forest Service Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing Urban Forestry in Your Community taking you through the stages of assessing, prioritizing, organizing, planning, building, protecting and sustaining.

Tree Inspection and Maintenance Policy

Here is a great example of guidelines to be used to reduce public agency exposure to liability associated with trees. You will find procedures for the orderly protection of urban trees in order to maximize their benefits to the community.

Tree Maintenance Manual Template

This tree maintenance manual template establishes guidelines and procedures for cities to provide for the care and protection of trees to promote health, safety, welfare, and quality of life for all city residents, and visitors.

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