Round up of relevant news

As cities continue to make cuts in their budgets for urban forestry-related programs, we see more reporting on the correlation between air quality and public health, particularly concerning the coronavirus pandemic.

San Jose Leaders Propose Sweeping Public Safety Cuts To Close Gaping Budget Hole

The city plans on trimming $1.3 million from parks and landscape watering…

Air Pollution May Make COVID-19 Symptoms Worse

Research linking air pollution to elevated death rates remains preliminary but scientists hope the pandemic spurs tighter air quality regulations

San Francisco Tells City To Prepare For Double-Digit Budget Cuts

Department heads were told to cut general fund spending 10% for the 2020-21 fiscal year that begins July 1…

Your Guide To The Massive Cuts Proposed For The LA City Budget

According to the Mayor’s office, they scaled back the urban forestry budget as part of a broader 20% reduction to Street Services, which is within the Department of Public Works.

Coronavirus: Is there a link between the Severity of Covid-19 and Air pollution

A recent Harvard analysis is the first study to show a statistical link between COVID-19 deaths and other diseases associated with long-term exposure to fine particulate matter.

Air pollution may be ‘key contributor’ to Covid-19 deaths – study

Research shows almost 80% of deaths across four countries were in most polluted regions.

The deadly link between COVID-19 and air pollution

People living with poor air quality may be more susceptible to COVID-19, and airborne particulate matter may help to spread the virus, says the World Economic Forum, citing various academic studies.