The i-Tree Planting Calculator

The i-Tree Planting Calculator is designed to help you estimate the long-term environmental benefits from a tree planting project. The focus is on greenhouse gases, but many co-benefits are included.

Users enter the following information:

  • Tree species
  • Size of trees at planting
  • Information on the distance and direction to the nearest building (optional)
  • Information about the tree’s growing conditions
  • Estimated mortality (optional)
  • The number of trees with each configuration
  • Project lifetime (number of years)
  • Specific greenhouse gas values (optional)

The following information is calculated (in units and associated dollar values) for the project life time:

  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) sequestered and avoided (owing to reductions in energy use)
  • Energy conserved
  • Air pollutants captured and avoided
  • Stormwater filtered
  • Tree aboveground biomass


i-Tree Planting Calculator will open in a new tab.

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