Conserve energy & reduce greenhouse gases!

Start a shade tree program.

California EnerTrees

In collaboration with the National Arbor Day Foundation’s Energy Saving Trees Program

It’s easy & affordable! You can be involved as little or as much as you chose while you customize for your community!

CA EnerTrees will help you with:

Market and Organize

A website of your own to market and organize your shade tree program.

Outreach Materials

Outreach materials to help spread the word and generate interest.

Right Tree, Right Place

Helping customers find the best spot to plant each tree for energy conservation.

Sourcing and Delivering

Sourcing and delivering of trees (unless you’d prefer to do so yourself).

Track Your Program

Tracking the growth of the trees over time.

Customer Service

Arbor Day Foundation will provide or assist with customer service.

Let us guide you through the logistics of setting up a project.

Download the California EnerTrees Report to Learn More

For a more in-depth look at:
  • Existing shade tree programs in the United States
  • How trees conserve energy
  • How to plant trees strategically for the best results
  • Land cover analyses and how to get the most out of them
  • Developing a demonstration planting project
  • Good examples from existing projects
…download our California EnerTrees report, with everything you need to know (and more!) to create a great shade tree program for your organization. You’ll find the data behind our analyses available for download on the Resources page.