Did You Know Trees Reduce Energy Consumption?

study by the Center for Urban Forest Research found: Increasing the urban forest canopy in California by 30% could reduce energy consumption enough that it would eliminate the need to build seven 100 MW power plants.

Trees Reduce Energy Costs

A large tree strategically planted on the west side of a house can save more than 400 kWh of energy use or more than $65 a year. More trees equal more savings!

Reduce Urban Heat Island Effect

study of New York City by scientists at NASA and Columbia University found that planting street trees is the most efficient way to reduce the urban heat island effect and therefore urban energy use.

Fewer Greenhouse Gases

When a tree helps save energy, it doesn’t just save dollars and kilowatt-hours. Every bit of energy conserved means fewer greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and fewer air pollutants!

EnerTrees reports and data

Strategic planting for energy conservation

For advice on where to plant trees for the greatest energy benefits, see the How to Plant Trees to Conserve Energy series, from the Arbor Day Foundation:

The i-Tree Design web tool is a great way to see how the benefits of trees change as you change their planting location, the species, and as they grow over time.

Guidelines for choosing, planting and caring for your tree

Energy conservation, greenhouse gas reduction and other benefits of trees

For an overview of how trees conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gases, see “Planting Trees to Fight Global Climate Change,” by Kelaine Vargas Ravdin, in California Trees (Spring 2008).

For great coverage of the many environmental and other benefits of trees, see your region’s Community Tree Guide from the US Forest Service:

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