September 2020


  • Review, Approve agenda, Consent Calendar
  • Discuss Ad-Hoc Subcommittees progress on developing tasks
  • Review Draft Financial Documents
  • Update – Trees Are Essential Campaign
  • Review Next Steps

Call in Information

Please register for CaUFC Board Call at:
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Board documents will be here:
Board Resources

Other board documents, such as bylaws, can be found here:



12:00 PM – Call to Order – Daniel

12:05 PM – Review and Approve Agenda – Daniel

12:10 PM – Approve Consent Calendar – Daniel

12:20 PM – Draft Financial Documents
(Financials will be sent next Wednesday) – Nancy

12:35 PM – Old Business – Nancy & Daniel

Strategies 1,2,3 – Ad-hoc Committee report outs

  • #1 Inspire and Engage a Diverse Network with robust programs – Sarah, Elizabeth, Isby, Matt, Megan, Nancy
  • #2 Ensure Financial and programmatic sustainability – Daniel, Nancy, Emily, Anne
  • #3 Recruit a fundraising board of directors – Mona, Emina, Nancy, Emily

Update on Trees Are Essential Campaign – Deb & Nancy

12:55 PM – Schedule next call for October 15, 2020

1:00 PM Adjourn



Next Steps

For Staff:

  • Review Lease – in Google Docs – password protected
  • Create a matrix – quarterly update/status of programs, activities, grants – Done
  • Develop support materials for board-members’ networking and outreach efforts
  • Legal efficacy – advocacy – underway
  • Nancy will revisit archives for previous annual fundraising goals and methods – in Google Docs – password protected
  • Collect all official/board approved policy and operational documents for board members review – in Google Docs – password protected

After committees reconvene and determine assignments and timelines for other tasks, this list will be expanded and include board members



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