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Captured here are numerous documents, both legal and informational, that explain CaUFC’s existence and background.

You will find the following documents. Links open in a new tab:

The CaUFC Bylaws – this document is the legal working guideline for how the board of directors and the organization are structured and how we proceed with business.

CaUFC Governance Framework

The CaUFC 501(c)(3) Status – Approval by the IRS that CaUFC operates as a Public Charity in the eyes of the Federal Government.

The CaUFC Articles of Incorporations – two versions

  1. 1981 – The original approval from 1981 creating our “educational corporation.”
  2. 2010-2012 – The updated approval required for remaining a “charitable and educational corporation.”

Regional Council Report – Link to form.

CaUFC Communications Plan (includes Strategic Plan) – This plan includes an overview of the organization including definition of Who We Are and our Vision and Mission, plus goals and strategies. This Plan will be updated in 2019.

CaUFC Operations Manual – Lists the mechanisms for the day to day operations of the organization especially around fiscal management and responsibility.

CaUFC Travel Policy – Captures travel cost reimbursement requirements for board members.

CaUFC Employee Handbook – Captures policies, procedures and regulations regarding employment for at the California Urban Forests Council.

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Minutes Dec 2022

Minutes: December 13, 2022Attendance Board Members:Emina Darakjy, Bob Blum, Nick Harvey, Emily Spillett-Brownlie (joined late), Nancy Sappington, Laura Burnett, Mona Cummings Staff:Nancy Hughes, Deb Etheredge Absent:Sarah Gaskin, Anne Fenker, Beth Valdez, Magen Shaw,...

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2017 Documents

Communications Report