Minutes: August, 2020



Board Members: Daniel Kump, Laura Burnett, Elizabeth Lanham, Emily Spillett, Gordon Mann, Megan Shaw, Bob Blum, Nancy Sappington, Sarah Gaskin, Mona Cummings.  Excused: Isby Fleishmann, Jenn Yost

Staff: Nancy Hughes


Isby Fleishmann, Jenn Yost


Dave Duncan, Matt Deines, Anne Fenkner, Deb Etheredge


Action Items

  • Review, Approve agenda, Consent Calendar
  • Discuss Ad-Hoc Subcommittees progress on developing tasks
  • Update – Trees Are Essential Campaign
  • Follow-up discussion and possible vote on Kit Jory’s board application


Call to Order – Daniel Kump called the meeting to order at 12:05 PM

The Board reviewed and approved the agenda unanimously with one addition added by Nancy Hughes Review regarding webinars or workshops with Regional Councils

The Board approved the Consent Calendar unanimously which included:

  • 18.2020 Board Meeting Minutes
  • Executive Director’s Report
  • Communications Director’s Report
    • (all documents are found on the board webpage)

Old Business – Daniel introduced the committees – commenting on the good work done so far, with more work still to do.

Strategies 1,2,3 – Ad-hoc Committee report outs (detailed document attached for all Strategies):

#1 Inspire and Engage a Diverse Network with robust programs – Sarah, Elizabeth, Isby, Matt, Megan, Nancy – Sarah shared the tasks and the work that the team addressed highlighting their thinking.  Next steps – assignments and time table.  

#2 Ensure Financial and programmatic sustainability – Daniel, Nancy, Emily, Anne – Emily reviewed the new tactics also with a focus on the next steps.  

#3 Recruit a fundraising board of directors – Mona, Emina, Nancy, Emily – Mona reported out for the group explaining the recommended tasks and next steps.

Nancy suggested that everyone review the bylaws and the Governance Structure (sent with board packet and on the Board Resource page) as some of the things we are discussing are included.  Nancy also will unearth Policy documents approved by the board in 2017 as referenced for Strategy #2 and access the archives on fundraising efforts in the past for reference.

Nancy H. will take a stab at putting the Actions, Strategies, and Tactics/tasks into a flow chart. Nancy H. will also send out new Doodle Polls for committees to look at timelines and assignments for each task.

Update on Trees Are Essential Campaign – Nancy H took the team to the Trees Are Essential webpage and asked everyone to share with their lists and get the word out, and to please take the survey.

Mona requested high-quality photos of urban trees be added for access.  Megan offered to share what the San Diego Regional Council has to share.

Regional Council Partnerships for webinars or in-person workshops. Nancy H. explained the opportunity to partner with each council on a webinar address Risk and Liability and promotion of new policies and procedures for cities. Each council will get $1,000 for participating/helping organize the event/ensure attendees/etc. Easy-peasy! Nancy H. will send out the policy document for review. The event can be on multiple topics or simply on the policy one. This is only limited by our creativity. We have until March 2022 to complete this series.  Nancy H. will follow-up with regional council leadership.

Kit Jory’s Board Application – Gordon Mann brought us up to speed on Kit’s interest in a seat on the board – and that he had followed up with Kit and Kit was still interested.

A motion was made to approve Kit’s board application – a vote was called and Kit was approved unanimously!  Daniel and Nancy H.  will follow-up with Kit for the next steps.

Schedule next call for September 17, 2020 – 12 Noon – 1:00 PM

Adjourn – 1:05 PM

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