Preserving urban forests through
education and wildfire mitigation

USDA Zone Map

Click on your zone from the list below to see suggested tree species.

Zone 4b (-25˚F to -20˚F)

Zone 5a (-20˚F to -15˚F)

Zone 5b (-15˚F to -10˚F)

Zone 6a (-10˚F to -5˚F)

Zone 6b (-5˚F to -0˚F)

Zone 7a (0˚F to 5˚F)

Zone 7b (5˚F to 10˚F)

Zone 8a (10˚F to 15˚F)

Zone 8b (15˚F to 20˚F)

Zone 9a (20˚F to 25˚F)

Zone 9b (25˚F to 30˚F)

Zone 10a (30˚F to 35˚F)

Zone 10b (35˚F to 40˚F)

Zone 11 (40˚F to 45˚F)

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