Preserving urban forests through
education and wildfire mitigation

Best Management Practices

The intent of Mind The Divide is to share best management practices for wildfire preparedness, while fostering our varying types of forests in the Urban Core, Urban Wildland, and Forested Wildland.

Many agencies and stakeholders have a shared interest in providing a flourishing tree canopy and streetscape within city limits as well as protecting our forests’ health for recreation and ecosystem services. Mind The Divide can aid in the collaboration process, making sure roles, responsibilities, and desires get heard for the optimal outcome. 

Specific goals include:

    Increase Urban Core forest canopy in a manner conducive to landscape hardening for wildfire while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing streetscape.

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    Aid in combating heat island effects on the community.

      Prevent the planting of invasive species, fire hazard species, as well as species outside of their comfort zones.

        Incorporate innovative techniques in Urban Core management to protect trees wherever possible.

          Municipalities receptive to aid will receive collaborative help identifying existing issues, and build action plans based on recommendations.

            Remove and replace all dead, dying, or hazardous trees. 

              Promote the hardening of all homes built before 2010, including clearing all homes of trees in the zero to five-foot perimeter zone.

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              Prepare and maintain unburned Forested Wildlands for upcoming wildfires, preserving them for continued ecological services, CO₂ sequestration, and recreation.

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