Executive Director’s Report April 11, 2023

Forest Service – Washington DC Update – We will be holding a webinar with Miranda Hutten, changed to early April 20, 2023, addressing the Inflation Reduction Act and it’s impacts on urban forestry funding and programs for California.

Forest Service Funding – No update yet

Cal Fire – I will give a verbal report on this on the board call on 4/11/23, but as I wrote to you all last week, the outcome was overall positive, and we will have more answers addressing exactly how to move forward shortly. Saying that CaUFC is meeting with WCA, Inc. tomorrow to determine how we will handle the reporting and invoicing.

State Policy & Advocacy – No update other than work is moving forward, and I will have another visit to Sacramento soon. It would also be great if we could find more sponsors to support the costs of advocacy. Any ideas?

Conference – We have begun planning with A-Plus Tree for the TreeTopia events in August. – Need to form a committee.

Bookkeeping/Taxes/Audit, etc. – no update

Budget – As discussed at the in-person board meeting, I am moving forward on financials now that we have somewhat of a better understanding of our funding. This process is going to take me time to get us to a clear picture. I am doing a month-to-month forensic review of our Forest Service grant for the past three years.

Program Updates – Deb is taking the lead in working with the Regional Councils on scheduling webinars or workshops for 2023 and has sent out a synopsis of opportunities. We need Councils to choose dates to get the planning underway.

We will have a focus on what our grant submittal will be after our webinar with Miranda Hutten in 4/20/23.

The Forest Service funded – “Mind the Divide” project events planned through the end of June 2023.

Regional Councils – Gordon Matassa, form the City of Oakland, is now our new Bay Area Council representative! Welcome, Gordon!

OutreachCommunications report.

We are proceeding with the outreach around our “After the Storms–Trees Are Essential” article – working with Tripepi-Smith on crafting and distributing a press release along with our article to targeted media and local governmental agencies. We will also attempt to get it to statewide legislators. We are identifying “Subject Experts” on our team across CA in the event that reporters want a local source. We are also crafting a landing page with resources for all to use. There will be a sponsored social media outreach as well. The launch will be Monday, April 10th.

Fundraising The documents we reviewed at the in-person board meeting in March. We can further discuss on 4/11 – but I believe we need to determine an approach and targets for fundraising and adding membership.

Board Meetings – our next meeting will be May 9th, 2023 via Zoom at 12 Noon.

Board Recruitment – Welcome Gordon Matassa!

Wells Fargo Bank Issue – Emily, any updates?

Reminder: board member’s agreement to contribute $500 either directly or through other opportunities (Regional Council members excluded unless they are eager!)

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Hughes

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