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Thank you to our partners!

Urban, Salvaged & Reclaimed Woods

A coalition of like-minded companies, individuals, or government agencies who have networked together for the purpose of tree rescue and finding the highest value of the tree after its’ natural life has come to an end. Finding new life for old trees.

Central Coast Regional Urban Forests Council

San Luis Obispo Heritage Tree program dedicates large or rare species of trees within the city, so that they can be preserved. Once a tree is accepted into the program, it’s assigned a plaque and is added to a pamphlet identifying every Heritage Tree within the city.

Far West Forest Products

Far West Forest Products works actively to promote the use of our local native species, and over 95% of the lumber we provide comes from within a 500 mile radius of our Sheridan CA location. We specialize in Urban, Salvaged, and Reclaimed lumber and wood products, and are working diligently to make Urban, Salvaged, and Reclaimed materials Go-To Products for every household in America.

Pacific Coast Lumber

Pacific Coast Lumber has been in operation since 1996. PCL is committed to the eco-friendly principles of Urban Forestry and dedicated to making the best and highest use of our local forest resources when they are at the end of their lifecycle; either dead, dying or diseased, storm down, lot or orchard clearing. No trees are felled for their timber value. We are a full-service custom mill, providing rough sawn lumber to finished product or any stage along the way. PCL loves participating in our client’s design process. We specialize in milling your logs as well as providing kiln services. Pacific Coast Lumber (PCL) was founded in 1996 in San Luis Obispo by Don Seawater. Don had been in the lumber industry for nearly 25 years and realized that there was a vast underutilized resource in local urban forest trees. Once they were removed, there were only a few options for the wood: cut for firewood, have them chipped, haul them to the landfill or let them decay where they lay. Don knew there was a higher purpose and use for this local commodity and decided to acquire this material and start a commercial mill. Since then, PCL has become an award-winning leader in this industry.

The City of San Luis Obispo

Trees beautify our city, reduce energy needs, purify the air, provide shade and improve the environmental, economic, and social quality of San Luis Obispo. Within Public Works, the Urban Forest Services staff is made up of a City Arborist and three Urban Foresters, who are all ISA certified arborists. They care for and manage over 20,000 public trees on designated public property within the City limits. We value our green infrastructure and its many benefits. This program provides for the sustainability and longevity of the urban forest canopy for future generations, preserving our community’s way of life.

Thank you to our sponsors!

Forest Service

The Forest Service is a proud partner in restoring and sustaining America’s community forests. The Urban & Community Forestry (UCF) Program supports forest health for all of our Nation’s forests, creates jobs, contributes to vibrant regional wood economies, enhances community resilience and preserves the unique sense of place in cities and towns of all sizes. By working with our state partners to deliver information, tools and financial resources, the program supports fact-based and data-driven best practices in communities, maintaining, restoring, and improving the more than 140 million acres of community forest land across the United States. Learn more about how the UCF program supports a thriving America (PDF).

California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection

Under the authority of the Urban Forestry Act (PRC 4799.06 – 4799.12) the Urban & Community Forestry Program (UCF) works to expand and improve the management of trees and related vegetation in communities throughout California.

The mission of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection’s Urban Forestry Program is to lead the effort to advance the development of sustainable urban and community forests in California. Trees provide energy conservation, reduction of storm-water runoff, extend the life of surface streets, improve local air, soil and water quality, reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide, improve public health, provide wildlife habitat and increase property values. In short, they improve the quality of life in our urban environments which, increasingly, are where Californians live, work, and play.  The program also administers State and Federal grants throughout California communities to advance urban forestry efforts.

Regional Urban Foresters provide expert urban forestry support to communities, non-profit groups and other municipal governments to create and maintain sustainable urban forests.  These specialists also administer and provide technical support for grant related activities such as tree planting, municipal tree inventories and management plans, urban forest educational efforts, and innovative urban forestry projects.

West Coast Arborists

West Coast Arborists, Inc. is a professional tree maintenance and management company providing tree pruning, tree planting, tree removals, GPS tree inventories, emergency response, and plant health care services to municipalities and public agencies throughout the states of California and Arizona. We are a proud LiUNA! (Laborers’ International Union of North America) company and registered with the DIR. We offer flexible work schedules, including after hours, weekends, and holidays.

Davey Resource Group

Davey Resource Group, Inc. was established to nurture and protect natural resources, especially trees and urban forests in communities across North America. Our urban forestry group has expertise and training backed by a company rooted in tree care for more than a century.

DRG works with municipalities, businesses and a variety of organizations to provide such urban forestry services as:

  • Tree inventories
  • Tree preservation and protection
  • Urban tree canopy (UTC) assessments
  • Land cover mapping
  • Urban forestry management planning
  • Urban Forest Master Plans
  • Urban forestry management software
  • Public education

DRG’s urban forestry consultants include ISA Certified Arborists®, traditional foresters, and scientists. Together, we offer a range of professional urban forestry services, from GIS-based tree inventories to urban forest master plans. Our customized approach to each and every project ensures every client receives the ultimate urban forestry solutions.


The urban and natural forests of North America are increasingly at risk to invasive species and locally devastating insect and disease pests. From Sudden Oak Death to Invasive Shot Hole Borer, trees are dying in increasing numbers. Arborjet is the leader in developing solutions which protect trees from devastation and protect the environment while doing so. Thousands of local government organizations and companies in private industry have successfully utilized Arborjet solutions to protect valuable urban forests. Arborjet is committed to protecting California’s urban trees with the most targeted solution and in the most environmentally responsible manner.

Boething Treeland Farms

Boething Treeland Farms has spent over six decades refining its plant palette and the best practices for nurturing them. Our growers include certified professionals in all fields of plant science, who have been educated both in the classroom and the field, bringing a variety of experience and knowledge to our team.


BrightView is the nation’s leading commercial landscape company. We take pride in delivering consistently excellent results for clients across the country, throughout the lifecycle of their landscapes.


Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Wood-Mizer offers a complete line of narrowband portable and industrial sawmills, wideband sawmilling equipment, resaws, edgers, kilns, molders/planers, firewood processing equipment, pallet recycling equipment, material handling equipment, bandsaw blades, and blade maintenance equipment for forestry and timber professionals all over the world.


At Citygreen, we love trees. In fact, we think they hold the key to better cities – and a better world. Informed by years of comprehensive research and development, our urban landscape solutions offer the very best in cutting-edge technical design. Not only are they the strongest available by far, our structural modules are also the greenest – made from 100% recycled plastic – evidence of our commitment to the environment.

Acres of Timber

Acres of Timber started in 2016 when Steve Larosiliere noticed the unique and captivating products coming out of his father-in-law’s sawmill. One day, while he was looking at the hand-carved bed his sons slept in, Steve realized that not only was it a beautiful piece that their grandfather had made them, it was also sturdy enough to be passed down to the next several generations.

With these realizations in mind, Steve saw that there was an opportunity for wood business owners to increase their profits, share their techniques, and build tighter networks. Seeing that there was a lack of community between wood industry professionals, he decided to start one by creating the Instagram account @acresoftimber. The account and followers surrounding it multiplied and proved the point that makers, sawmill owners, lumber dealers, and other wood professionals needed a place to network and share advice. In addition to the Instagram account, Steve also started and continues to host the Woodpreneur Podcast.

Mann Made Resources

Mann Made Resources is a consulting company proudly providing a wide range of consulting services and tree conservation products to businesses, agencies, and residents of northern California, for more than three decades. Whether you are managing an urban forest, designing a new construction project, or concerned about the health of a tree on your property, Mann Made Resources can help. Trees are usually the largest and longest-lived natural features on a property. We have the experience, skills, and proper resources to help your trees grow and thrive, and maximize the benefits trees provide for you.


Pacific Policy Group

Pacific Policy Group (PPG), a Sacramento-based lobbying and consulting firm, specializes in natural resources and renewable energy. Whether we are fighting to empower local governments to deliver more renewable electricity or we are securing funding for watershed protection projects, PPG is much more than a traditional lobbying firm.

At PPG we believe in a collaborative approach to advocacy. Unlike many firms in Sacramento, we invest in developing a deep understanding of our clients’ priorities and strive to become a seamlessly integrated part of our clients’ teams. This integration enables us to mobilize our extensive expertise in climate change, natural resources, water, clean energy, and local government so that we can more meaningfully contribute to the realization of our clients’ visions.


PlaceWorks is one of the West’s preeminent planning and design firms, with approximately 130 employees in seven offices. Serving both public- and private-sector clients throughout the state, PlaceWorks provides landscape architecture, urban forestry, urban design, community outreach, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), comprehensive planning, and environmental review services. PlaceWorks is all about places and how they work geographically, environmentally, functionally, aesthetically, and culturally. We are also passionate about how we work with our clients. PlaceWorks brings together people from diverse practice areas, offering best-of-all-worlds capability and connectivity. Just as each place we work on is distinctly different, so is our thinking.


Deadwood Revival Design Studio

Deadwood Revival Design (DRD) is a team of passionate woodworkers who believe in offering their customers not only the highest quality products, but designs made from 100% guilt free wood.

What do we mean by 100% guilt-free?

In an era where nature’s beauty is rapidly being replaced by concrete jungles, DRD seeks to restore the connection between people and the environment by telling the unique story of each tree through our designs. When you enlist our services, you gain the automatic assurance that each and every piece of wood that we use came from a tree destined for firewood, the chipper, or a burn pile. By using materials previously deemed “waste” we’re able to reduce our carbon footprint. Not only that, but we’re committed to ensuring that not even a single piece of material is wasted during any of our projects.



A Plus

A Plus is built on one vision: “To inspire Urban Forest Management throughout the industry and America’s urban communities by leveraging technology to improve tree care and maximize urban recycling.” This is the mantra that fuels our connection to our environment and clients unlike any other. From the initial point of contact, to our crews in the field, to the ridiculously forward thinking solutions we provide, it will be obvious to you that you are more than a tree owner…you own an Urban Forest!

Evident in our comprehensive in-house training programs to our client events and relationships, A Plus is dedicated to safety and its people. We thrive on pushing the limits in our industry to inspire a higher standard of tree care using innovative technology while keeping close attention to our client’s needs. We can’t wait to see what the future holds.