Life Among the Leaves

Urban Forestry and Nature in Our Neighborhoods

Join us this summer in San Rafael, California!

Wed. August 23, – Thurs. August 24, 2017

Life Among the Leaves is a conference for those interested in how urban forestry and nature in our neighborhoods can provide benefits for us today, and in the future.

Est. 1968

Life Among the Leaves is hosted by the California Urban Forests Council, established in 1968.

Great Speakers

Come, learn and be inspired by those working today to sustain our urban forests and continue to create sustainable communities in the future.

Great Location

Located in Marin County, San Rafael has been Tree City for 34 years and is home to Frank Lloyd Wright’s last great piece of architecture, the Marin Civic Center.

Inspiring Action

As urban forestry professionals, urban planners and officials, and concerned citizens we know that any community living under a healthy canopy of trees benefits in many ways.

Many of us plant trees in communities where we may not see them grow to maturity. We have also been witnessing more and more tree deaths in our communities from a variety of risks.

Our green infrastructure is an asset that needs active management. How do we manage and combat the combined risks of climate change and growing urban populations?

Life Among the Leaves will not only inspire participants, but provide you with actionable ideas to help you grow great communities.

The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now. 



Howard Neukrug

Howard Neukrug, the former leader of Philadelphia’s water utility, helped transform urban neighborhoods with a bold plan for Green Cities, Green Water. Find out more about Howard. 

John Kabashima

John Kabashima recently retired after 28 years with University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources and knows a few things about the pests and diseases that effect our urban forests in Southern California were trees are dying at an alarming rate. Find out more about John. 

Don Bessler

Don Bessler, is the Director of Public Works for Tempe, Arizona, a member of the Sustainable Cities Institute. With many climate models predicting California could become more akin to Arizona, what can we learn from these communities in preparing for the future? Find out more about Don.