Minutes: September 13, 2022


Board Members:

Emina, Anne, Elizabeth, Bob Blum, Beth Valdez, Nick – joined late

Nancy Hughes, Dorothy Abeyta, Deb Etheredge


Sarah (on vacation), Magen, Emily (on vacation), Gordon, Nancy S., Mona

Action Items

  • Review, Approve Agenda, Consent Calendar
  • 2022 Conference Planning


12.06 Call to order

  • Emina called the meeting to order shortly after 12 noon.

12.07 Quick introductions for new member Beth Valdez

  • Roll Call, and Welcome to Beth Valdez!  All board members in attendance introduced themselves to Beth, and Beth spoke a few words about joining the board.

12.15 Approve Agenda & Consent Calendar

  • The agenda was reviewed and approved.
  • The Consent Calendar was reviewed and approved.

 Old Business

  • Conference Update – Nancy H gave an update on the status of the conference planning, and Emina requested donations from the board for the silent auction.
  • It is the intention to move the review of the Strategic Plan Goals to an ad hoc committee.
  • Board’s Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Statement Subcommittee – no update?
  • CAL FIRE response update – Nancy H.
  • Nancy H. gave an update on Board Recruitment
  • Ad Hoc Comm. formed – documents sent
  • And the outcome of the email vote for Beth Valdez’s board position was discussed to capture “or the record” as a unanimous vote (with one absentee)
  • Nancy H. and Deb discussed the follow-up to Brainstorming Session at the in-person Board Meeting in San Diego, focusing on work on programs and materials available after the conference. It was also discussed the request to have fewer board calls was not resolved.

There was no New Business

The October scheduled Board Call would be canceled as Nancy H. would be on vacation during that time.

12.45 PM Meeting was Adjourned by Emina

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