Minutes: June 17, 2021



Board Members: Elizabeth Lanham, Sara Davis, Laura Burnett, Daniel Kump, Emina Darakjy, Mona Cummings, Emily Spillet, Bob Blum, Sarah Gaskin, Nancy Sappington

Staff: Nancy Hughes, Deb Etheredge


Excused: Isby Fleishmann, Magen Shaw, Anne Fenkner, Gordon Mann

Action Items


Call to Order – Daniel called the meeting to order at 12:05 PM

12.07 PM 

The board reviewed and approved the agenda with an addition added by Nancy Hughes.

Addition added: vote for accepting the Coastal Conservancy grant

  • Agenda. Unanimously approved at 12:07 PM.

12.07 PM

Consent Calendar – (Unanimously approved)

12.08 PM

Introductions of Board Members with Sara Davis joining for Central Coast Regional UFC

12.15 PM Old Business – 

  • Co-Sponsoring California Community and Neighborhood Tree Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund with Senator Anna Caballero – Nancy outlined what the fund is about. Christina Garcia is now the co-sponsor of this bill.
  • Nick Harvey’s Board Member Application review of the application with comments from board members.

12.33 PM Vote to Approve Nick Harvey’s Board Application

  • Vote – Vote yes. Abstained – Sara Davis.

12.34 PM Strategic Plan

  • Strategic Plan – assembled draft – Nancy – next steps?
  • Need to fill in the blanks of who does what, when.
  • Board to read through.
  • Decided to discuss this at the next meeting.

    12.40 PM New Business

    • CALFIRE – New grant opportunities are available.
    • CALFIRE – Education & outreach grant proposal funded out of general fund money about why urban forestry is important.
    • Trees & drought campaign to show what we have going on for drought awareness campaign. Gordon has some edits for the tree watering tips. 

    12.59 PM Funding nancy informed the board that we received forgiveness for the COVID relief loans. 

      1.00 PM Adjourned

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