Minutes: February 14, 2023


Board Members:
Emina, Emily, Elizabeth, Nick, Magen, Mona, Anne

Nancy Hughes, Dorothy Abetya, Deb Etheredge

Nancy S, Sarah, Bob, Gordon, Laura, Beth

Action Items

  • Review, Approve Agenda, Consent Calendar
  • In-person meeting
  • Board applications


12.05 PM Call to order – Emina

12.04 PM Approved agenda
12.06 PM Consent Calendar

  • approved
  • comment on board members who cannot delete old calendar invites

12.08 PM Old Business

  • EDI statement – to be presented at the inperson meeting
  • CAL FIRE – Nancy recapping on the situation
  • Nancy had a call with John Melvin 
  • John mentioned they were 4 staff short
  • Nick – how is CAL FIRE going to manage $160M in 2 grant programs when they are short staffed? Schoolyard greening program is going ahead
  • Board Recruitment – vote for new applicants – Meha Senthil and Asha Jordon – then get in touch and invite to the next meeting
    – discussion on onboarding process for new members and mentors for new board members
    – vote for Meha Senthil and Asha Jordon – approval unamious
  • Regional Council workshops – Deb will be following up with each regional council rep. to get your topic & date on the calendar
  • Emina asked for a direct link to the newsletter for the board members

14:43 PM New Business

  • Nancy – policy/advocacy work update – working with the Office of Planning and Research (OPR) – trying to change the language from UF is nice to have, to UF is essential to have
  • Nancy is going to Sacramento on Thursday – looking for a committee that would guide UF being included in planning, with cites being required to do UFMP, and to fund UF programs
  • Tasha will call in to the meeting on March 17
  • Wells Fargo issue – Laura has moved to Italy – board made a motion to change the officers and signers – WF has made it a requirement that the officers on the account have to have a WF account
  • It could be time to change banks – Emily – looking at banks with the top ESG or environmentally sound banking
  • Conference – time to get a committee together for the conference under a big tent – Nancy to chat with Sarah

12:52 PM

Budget is coming – Nancy may have to produce two proposed budgets – one with best case scenario, another for worst case scenario
– Nancy spoke to Miranda to move money around in the FS grant to try and move the start date on the grant

12:53 PM

Nancy formally submitted her retirement for Dec 31st 2023
– Nancy is emailing out a draft succession plan for the organization
– Discussion of succession and transition plan during the next inperson meeting
– Nancy will be retiring after 17 years with CaUFC
– Nancy spoke to Bob Blum to check the process for the succession, and he will be available to help guide the transition

1:04 PM

Emily – DRG is doing an inventory on LA – LA is planning to remove 13,000 trees
– Emina – spoke about an article she sent out

1:08 PM Meeting adjourned

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