Minutes: August 9, 2022



Board Members:
Emina Darakjy, Bob Blum,  Mona Cummings, Anne Fenkner, Sarah Gaskin, Nick Harvey, Elizabeth Lanham, Nancy Sappington, Magen Shaw.

Nancy Hughes, Dorothy Abeyta, Deb Etheredge


Board Members:
Laura Burnett, Sara Davis, Gordon Mann,  Emily Spillett

Action Items

  • Review, Approve Agenda, Consent Calendar
  • 2022 Conference Planning


Note: Online vote for Beth Valdez board application occurred in the week following the call. 

Yay votes:
Laura Burnett
Emily Spillett
Bob Blum
Mona Cummings
Emina Darakjy
Sarah Gaskin
Gordon Mann
Nancy Sappington
Anne Fenkner
Daniel Kump
Nick Harvey
Elizabeth Lanham

Nay votes:

Megan Shaw

12:05 — Meeting called to order, roll call

12:07 — Approve consent calendar and agenda

12:11 — Old Business

  • The schedule page on the website will be finished today.
  • Conference promotion more tomorrow – keynote speakers promo

12:18 — Sarah – Treetopia event – ideas for future activities

  • partnership with TreeStuff.com
  • do something on the West Coast that was fun for the industry
  • combined classes, games, etc.
  • fundraising for CaUFC with $10 BBQ plates ($700)
  • family activities included
  • include a story about TreeTopia in the next newsletter

12:25 — Anne brief report on the event partnered with Master Garden Extension Program


  • Regional Council forms – moved to Google forms so that it saves progress
  • San Diego RC just started an Instagram – Deb to share with our own followers

12:28 — Nancy – Strategic Plan with the board

  • a reminder of the deadlines of tactics/tasks and deliverables
  • does the board want to make any edits?
  • does the board want to form ad hoc committees?
  • staff availability is limited until after the conference
  • the board decided to revisit the plan in October/November
  • board recruitment strategy – Nick suggests bringing another younger person onto the board from within Nick’s own network
  • Beth Valdez application – Nancy to resend the application and put it to an email vote
  • Equity, Diversity & Inclusion statement subcommittee – Emily & Sarah – Aug 11th @ 12 noon – coming back with a statement for the next board meeting

12:41 — Nancy discusses Regional Council support with campaigns like Stop the Stump / Stop the Top

  • Emina discusses educating arborists
  • Nick discussed educating homeowners on why the trees at their homes are valuable and doing outreach through social media like Instagram
  • Magen asked for content to use on social media, like Instagram-ready content
  • Instagram templates for regional council use that can be shared through canva.com
  • check the donate button is functioning on the CaUFC & IFGU Instagram page
  • social media strategy with extra content
  • Deb to send Magen and everyone the link for the drought campaign materials

12.53 pm — CAL FIRE update – we have not received any update

  • no response that the packet has been received
  • Dorothy has followed up and also had no response
  • putting together a presentation on our grants for CAL FIRE
  • CAL FIRE may be overwhelmed with many responsibilities

12.55 pm — Arbor Day Foundation and Fountain Grove II group to do another planting day

12.57 pm

  • Emina speaking about conference sponsorship opportunities
  • Looking for conference registrations
  • Donate items for the silent auction

1.03 pm — Adjourned

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