Minutes: March 8, 2022



Board Members:
Emina Darakjy, Sarah Gaskin, Nancy Sappington, Mona Cummings, Bob Blum, Anne Fenker, Nick Harvey, Laura Burnett, Daniel Kump, Bob Blum, Anne Fenker, Magen Shaw, Elizabeth Lanham

Staff: Nancy Hughes, Deb Etheredge, Dorothy Abeyta 


Gordan Mann

Action Items

  • Review, Approve Agenda, Consent Calendar
  • 2022 Conference
  • Review Board’s Organizational Calendar – 1st & 2nd quarter 2022
  • In-person Meeting
  • Support w/March 12th planting event
  • Board Calendar
  • Regional Councils’ Reports, training


12:00 PM – Meeting called to order – Emina

12:02 PM – Review and Approve Agenda

12:10 PM – Talk about conference community to do a call on March 25 with the possibility of a Northern California location. Mona suggested including the topic of workforce development.

12:20 PM – Board Calendar in regards to Strategic Plan and development of the board. Check Emily having an issue with the Google calendar

12:26 PM – In-person board meeting June 17th in San Diego at Balboa Park. Mark your calendar!

12:28 PM – March 12th participation Emina in Orange, Emily in Pittsburg, Mona in Fowler, Nancy Sappington in Beaumont, and Dorothy in Concord. Nancy Hughes in Livermore.

12:33 PM – Regional Council updates. Please fill out the little form about what each region is up to. Regional Council updates from Forest Service about diversity, inclusivity, etc.

12:39 PM – Nancy talking about the possible Forest Service grant opportunity

12:42 PM – Dorothy’s update on CAL FIRE audit

12:45 PM – Dorothy organizing booths at WCA conference

12:50 PM – Anne talking about the lawsuit regarding the trees around the capitol and the annex.

12:55 PM – Adjourn

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