Monthly Call:

June 20, 2019

12:00 Noon – 1:30 PM


Meeting Objectives:



CAUFC Staff: Nancy Hughes, Deb Etheredge

At Large Board Members: Emily Spillett, Dave Duncan, Isby Fleischmann, Matt Deines, Gordon Mann, Sarah Gaskin

Regional Council Representatives: Sacramento – Anne Fenkner, Bay Area – Elizabeth Lanham, Los Angeles/Orange County – Emina Darakjy, Central Coast – Jeff Reimer, San Diego – Megan Shaw, Inland – Nancy Sappington, San Joaquin – Lee Ayres – Tree Fresno


Board:Laura Burnett, Daniel Kump, Bob Blum


12:03 Call to Order & Introductions

Emily noted that participation is Davey heavy; will be reevaluated going forward.

12:10 Introductions

Emily welcome to all new board members and each participant provided an overview of their work and role on CAUFC, as well as relevant updates. Council representatives provided updates on current efforts and planned events, and several noted that they are in the process of re-energizing their local efforts.
• Action: Contact list will be updated and distributed following the meeting.
• Emina—Will be sending silent workshop information soon.

12:32 PM – Approve Agenda

Unanimously approved (Gordan/Dave)

12:34 PM – Approve Consent Calendar

Unanimously approved (Gordan/Dave)

12:40 PM – Old Business

Review & renew Office Lease

Nancy provided background on lease information and move to Nancy’s backyard studio. If additional employees are hired, may need to move. Potential to share an office with Davey. Currently, lease if month to month. No approval is needed unless rent or other terms change. Consensus that lease is well-written.

Review and approve suggested language change to bylaws.

Emily and Nancy provided background for changes, including the need to be able to open up Board member places if needed. Emina’s input-xxxx. Board members also discussed excused/unexcused absences, agreeing on exceptions for excused absences. Consensus on revision:

A director may be removed by a quarumtwo-thirds vote of the board of directors then in office, if:

(a) The director is absent and unexcused from two or more meetings of the board of directors in a twelve-month period. The board president is empowered to excuse directors from attendance for a reason deemed adequate by the board president. The president shall not have power to excuse himself/herself from the board meeting attendance and in that case, the board vice president shall excuse the president. Or:

(b) For cause or no cause, if before any meeting of the board at which a vote on removal will be made, the director in question is given electronic or written notification of the board’s intention to discuss his/her case and is given the opportunity to be heard at a meeting of the board.

Approved unanimously (Lee/XX) at 12:49.

Review and approve Edits to Governance Framework to include Regional Councils.

Nancy provided background on these edits, highlighting that these Regional Council Board Members are not required to do fundraising as are the At-Large Board Members.

Approved unanimously (Gordon/Nancy S.) at 12:55.

Strategic Plan Update – organize an ad hoc committee.

The current two year plan needs to be reviewed before the next Board Meeting. Staff is updating most of the Plan, but Board needs to review the Board-related sections. Important to have At-large and regional council members. Ad hoc committee volunteers: Emily, Nancy S., and Lee. Nancy will schedule meeting of the committee.

Determine when the next in-person Board Meeting should be held.

Emily proposes quarterly in-person meetings. Discussed pros and cons of in-person meetings. Also discussed potential for video calls. Spring/Fall meetings have been successful in the past. Emily will put together a survey/poll and identify where in-person will be helpful (friend raising and fundraising/goal setting); will make decisions on next meeting.

1:11 PM – The New Pipeline Report – Nancy

Four funded grants, more in the que. All within the ‘Invest from the Ground Up’ campaign.


$750K; have spent $632. Ends in December. WCA primary contractor; there are three community based groups.


June 2017 – March, 2020. WCA main contractor; 11 cities; 7 local organizations. Mass texting is going out (reminders to water, etc.)


High Speed Rail. November 2017- March 2020. All trees in public areas planted; now Arbor Day Foundation residential plantings as well. WCA, 4 local groups.

Cool Parks

August 2018 – March 2020. Street Trees contiguous to parks. WCA and Western Chapter, 7 local groups, 4 cities.

Ongoing Forest Service Grants

General support (councils, travel, technical support)—keeps the doors open.

New Forest Service Grant

Urban Forestry/WUI. Will hire a staff person, likely to contract staff from Davey Resources Group. Defining role/scope; will work with CALFIRE.

Tree Removal Grant

Up to 1,000 dead/dangerous trees. Not yet signed. $1.5M. Big education/outreach element within this grant.

Also have advocacy push underway in Sacramento; $10M Cap & Trade for urban forestry. Also working on workforce development legislation. Refer to Directors report for more information/detail.

1:10 PM – Development (Friend raising & Fundraising) – Emily


Discussed that Board has not been successful at raising money in the past, and need to re-vamp and energize this effort.

Emily- plans to just keep her page open and have on-going page. Has contacts with Nature Education group in Bay Area… run for the trees?? Excited to get families involved.

Deb – notes that other organizations also have challenges with fundraising. Just returned from Classy conference & attended session on how to motivate and inspire nonprofit Boards. Lots of great ideas… including jumping/climbing-a-thons! Airbnb also a new potential partner… has established programs.

Sarah brings expertise in fundraising/parties; currently working with Yountville on fundraiser/event (likely late Summer) – creating products to sell/auction from old removed tree – could help benefit CAUFC.

Isby noted that we also have done work on strategy for corporate sponsorships to include in our in-person fundraising discussion. Isby will attempt to locate most recent list.

Video training

Deb recommends doing at in-person meeting.

1:38 PM – Adjourned


Action Items

  • Contact list will be updated and distributed following the meeting.
  • Emina—Will be sending silent auction information soon.
  • Nancy S. will schedule meeting of the new Strategic Plan ad hoc committee.
  • Emily will put together a survey/poll and identify where in-person will be helpful (friend raising and fundraising/ goal setting).
  • Isby will locate former corporate sponsor list/strategy/packet.