Minutes: January 16, 2020



Board Members: Emily Spillett, Daniel Kump, Bob Blum, Emina Darakjy, Mona Cummings, Sarah Gaskin, Elizabeth Lanham, Isby Fleischmann, Matt Deines, Laura Burnett, Nancy Sappington

Staff: Nancy Hughes, Deb Etheredge 


Gordon Mann, Jeff Reimer, Megan Shaw, Dave Duncan

Action Items

  • Everyone needs to look at the Strategic Plan this month; Emily will send out specific action members.
  • Discuss, nominate and vote(?) on new executive committee
  • Plan 2020 Calendar, meetings-table for next meeting, plan in person
  • New Advisory Council Application -Update from Gordon
  • Emily to send reminder and thank you to Laura & Bob—the model members who has met the $500 target!
  • AAA event planning
    • Mona to send out
    • Emily to help with Map/local teams to share too.


Call to Order: 12:04

Review and Approve Agenda; approved with modifications proposed by Emily, including that the vote will not be included. Unanimously approved at 12:10

Approve Consent Calendar.  Unanimously approved at 12:12

  • Anne joined Nancy for last Sacramento meetings. Wonderful experience for Anne; educational, validating, and inspirational.
  • Board Members, let Nancy know if you are interested! Consider having rotational spot for Board Members to participate.
  • Next meetings may be next Wednesday or Thursday; Nancy will provide an update.

2020 Budget Review: Unanimously preliminarily approved at 12:33

  • USFS includes part of last fiscal and part of next fiscal (2021 will go from March- June, so we can use money for May conference)
  • Cool Parks (CalFIRE CCI funds); about half complete. Will move into monitoring trees by Spring.
  • CIRCLE 3.0 (High Speed Rail); only maintenance and monitoring left.
  • CIRCLE 2.0 (1,000 trees); wrapping up soon as well. CIRCLE 1 already complete.
  • USFS- Wildland Urban Forest Interface/Urban Forestry- Will hire through Davey; facilitator for several communities. Anticipated to extend a second year.
  • CalFIRE City Forest Renewal-Tree Removal for affected trees- will replant 2/1 and utilize wood.
  • General Fund. Everything else, including staff and etc.
  • NOTE: can’t charge for overhead from USFS and CalFIRE grants, but get percentage. We don’t use as much as the percentage, so can redirect to needed expenses.
  • Working on a balanced P&L; it is balanced but shows up differently.
    • Consolidated report by Nancy- Thank you! If you would like full report, it is available upon request.
    • High-level updates: (see Directors Report for more information) 

Regional Council Updates

  • Emina (Los Angeles/Orange County): Scholarships awarded at Cal Poly Pomona; have not yet installed new officers but will do so next month (2/14) at winter symposium held at Huntington Gardens. Great speakers and great topics- consider coming!! Already have 113 registered; 150 spaces. Book (Street Trees recommended for Southern California, 3rd edition) sales are going well!
  • Nancy (Inland Empire): New Board Members; redoing brochure; preparing for tree pruning workshop in March.
  • Mona (Fresno): Lots of changes at Tree Fresno; CALFIRE grants closing out in March with 2,500 trees; current grant will extend in 2022 (also 2,500 trees); HSR grant was extended- about half way through, and will work with Fresno Fair who has authority to put in hundreds of trees. Change on tree lighting event (with revenue/budget in mind); arbor day award also changing- instead of traditional awards dinner, will have event with the Grizzlies. Also working on vegetative screens along Hwy 99 (two coming very soon!).
  • Elizabeth (Bay Area): Put together a Board, and still growing; may develop class in conjunction with IAI- proceeds will fund children’s tree planting; also looking at a one-day local conference.
  • Ann (Sacramento): Still a committee of one; canceled last few meetings/learn at lunches. Working to build a group. Another group is offering a certification program, similar to what Bay Area envisions. Emily proposes that Gordon assist!

Old Business

  • AAA baseball events and Opportunities (Mona Cummings): Fundraising events with AAA baseball requires coordinating with your local team community liaison (can be any team!). Mona met with the Grizzlies coordinator about doing an April event and selected a date when FUSD will also have lots of kids present! Tree Fresno can now access this population as well, leverage support. Mona has generated $10-20K from past similar events (for Fresno State School of Education), and they serve as education/outreach events. Mona will provide draft outline for doing similar events; Board Members– tell Mona where you are and she can help guide your effort.
    • Everyone needs to look at the Strategic Plan this month; Emily will send out specific action members.
    • Fundraising Goals/Objectives/Plan
    • Executive Committee Nominations; we are close to a ballot and also close to having an executive committee again.  Nancy Sappington & Daniel Kump have helped move this forward. If you are interested in a role, please let Nancy, Daniel and/or Emily know.  Role descriptions may be flexible.
    • Changes to meetings in 2020? Format, time, etc. Share your ideas with Emily! General consensus that bi-monthly would be more sustainable, but may also depend on business. Special topics could be discussed on off-months.

1:20 PM Adjourn