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Managing your membership

You can view information on your membership like when your next payment is due, any tickets you have purchased for events simply by logging into your account.

To login to your account, click on LOGIN in the top menu.

The login page requires your email and password. The email address will be the same email address you used when purchasing your membership.

If you cannot remember your password, simply click on the “lost your password” link.

A new screen will appear asking you to enter your email address. Once you’ve entered your email address hit “Reset Password”.

A link will be sent to your email. It may take a couple of minutes. If you do not receive the email check your “junk” or “spam” folder. Click on the link in the email.

On the reset password screen, enter a new password. Try to make it a strong password. Then click “Save”. Your new password has been saved and now you will be prompted to login again.

After logging in you will be shown an overview of your account. This is the “Dashboard”.

To see all of your orders, click on the “Orders” item from the list on the left. This will give you an overview of your past orders, including paying for your membership, or any orders of co-branded material.

Clicking on the “My Tickets” item in the menu on the left will show any tickets that have been purchased after June 1, 2017. Event tickets purchased before June 1, 2017 will show under “Orders”.

Click on “VIEW” if you wish to check the information provided. For instance, if you specified a dietary preference when booking your ticket. If you wish to assign the ticket to someone else, you can also do that here by editing the details and clicking on “Update”. You can also print the ticket.

The subscription is the payment for the membership. As the membership lasts for a period of one year, the subscription will renew. Here you can see when your membership subscription is due to renew. You should automatically receive a reminder before the renewal.

Addresses displays the addresses used as default on the checkout page. A billing address is shown, and if necessary, a shipping address. You can update your addresses at any time.

Click on “Account Details” if you wish to update your password, or other information.

We will be adding more to our help center soon. If you require assistance with something that is not discussed above, please call us at 415-479-8733 or email, [email protected].

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