Minutes: February 8, 2022



Board Members:
Sarah Gaskin, Nancy Sappington, Mona Cummings, Nick Harvey, Laura Burnett, Daniel Kump, Sara Davis, Magen Shaw, Dorothy Abeyta (for Elizabeth Lanham)

Staff: Nancy Hughes, Deb Etheredge


Excused: Emily Spillett, Gordan Mann, Bob Blum, Anne Fenker, Emina Darakjy

Action Items


12:05 PM – Meeting called to order – Nancy

12:06 PM – Review and Approve Agenda

12.11 PM – Review & Approve Consent Calendar

12:16 PM – CalFire grants summary and documentation. Intro to new admin Dorothy Abeyta who will help CaUFC current grants. Discussion around current challenges and solutions.

12:18 PM – VP role, who to fill it. VP temporary Nancy Sappington. Nick Harvey to chat with Nancy Hughes about the duties of the VP.

12:32 PM – Next in-person meeting dates and location. Possibility of Balboa Park (San Diego) sometime in June.

12:39 PM – Review organization calendar.

12:44 PM – Next meeting March 8

12:45 PM – Review Budget, upcoming events

1:00 PM – Adjourned

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