Executive Director’s Report December 13, 2022

Forest Service – Washington DC Update – We will be holding a webinar with Miranda Hutten in the middle of March 2023, addressing the Inflation Reduction Act and its impacts on urban forestry funding and programs for California.

Forest Service Funding – I have just revised and submitted our paperwork for our 2023-2024 Forest Service funding of $202,000.00, which starts July 1, 2023. Still waiting for the contract to sign.

Cal Fire – Ongoing conversations and communication have taken place, and we are moving forward on addressing some of the shortcomings of the two grants in question by CAL FIRE. West Coast Arborists have done amazing work visiting every tree and tree site, geo-tagging them, and addressing the issues with the trees with the cities as needed. I am helping with some of that outreach. Our Amplifying the Urban Forest grant invoicing, the big tree planting and education effort from March 2022, is moving forward at last! I have one more revision they have requested to help Walter manage his paperwork.

State Policy & Advocacy
I will be going to Sacramento soon to meet with Pacific Policy Group and Amanda Hansen about UF policy opportunities.

Conference – We ended in the black! I was rather concerned! We will discuss the details on our call next week.

Bookkeeping/Taxes/Audit, etc. – I have decided to hold off on a bookkeeper till the New Year based on budgeting issues. I don’t have time to train anyone, and we only got one response to our query. I did our 2021 taxes myself! The tax accountant that I was planning on working with did not respond to my outreach; we were running out of time, so I bit the bullet and did them myself. I had previous year’s docs to follow and found a helpful website for non-profits to submit through. When we do 2022 taxes, I will have the tax accountant review my work in the event we need to adjust anything.

Program Updates – Preview on the call, but we will be scheduling webinars/workshops throughout 2023 and want to partner with Regional Councils, along with a funding campaign. I participated in the Partners in Community Forestry Conference virtually rather than traveling to Seattle.

The Forest Service-funded – “Mind the Divide” project (UF&WUI) Miranda Hutten has approved the next phase and we will be up an running in January.

Regional Councils – we need your quarterly reports, please!

OutreachCommunications report.

Fundraising – Deb did an amazing job of making your job so easy to raise funds for CaUFC. I’ve sent the information out to all of you twice! To my knowledge, only Emily has set up her campaign. It couldn’t be easier or more fun. You all need to do your part to help raise funds for the organization as you have agreed to do! Here it is so you can dive in –  fundraising page

Board Meetings – our next meeting will be in-person on January 18, 2023, in San Francisco.

Board Recruitment – I am bringing two candidates forward. Thank you, Sarah Gaskin, for your nominee. Their resumes and applications are attached to the board meeting email.

Wells Fargo Bank Issue – I have submitted the newly revised paperwork to Wells Fargo and I heard from them last week. They are meant to reach out to Nancy S., and then we will proceed with all of the final changes.

Reminder: board member’s agreement to contribute $500 either directly or through other opportunities (Regional Council members excluded unless they are eager!)

I wish you all restful, recuperative, and loving holidays.

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Hughes

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