September 2022 Overview

Coming to the conference

Conference Registrations: 46
Conference Tickets: $10,084

Social Media (Meta)

Facebook & Instagram followers are up, and we are getting more reach.


Our top tweet was a tree-watering reminder during the heatwave.

E-newsletters remain constant

Our audience remains constant & the latest newsletter had a good open rate. The demographic of our audience is mainly aged 45 +.

We need to use LinkedIn more

Social media drives traffic to our website. Facebook, Instagram, and now LinkedIn are our top social media referrers.

Our visitors are more mobile

25-30% of our website visitors are on mobile devices, with our link tree on Instagram being a top referrer after search engines.

CAUFC Communications Channels

Facebook & Instagram

Meta (Facebook) has changed how they report analytics for both Facebook and Instagram. Measures like ‘reach’ (how many people are seeing your posts or page) from traditional advertising are more important than follower numbers. Also important to know is the audience interacting with our content. It is important to note that ‘reach’ is an estimated metric.

The percentage up or down measure is this period in relation to the previous period, which is the last month (August 2022) compared to the previous month (July 2022). Facebook is shown on the left, Instagram is on the right, and the previous period is the gray line.

Our page and profile visits have increased with the promotion of the conference and more regular posting. See how the blue line is up over the gray line. 

Facebook & Instagram Audience

Meta (Facebook) has changed how they report analytics for both Facebook and Instagram. Statistics on our audience reveal the age and gender, the top cities for our followers, as well as the top countries. The audience statistics are for all the time that has passed since we set up our page.

Our audience has grown since last month. We passed 1,500 on Facebook since promoting the conference, and we passed 800 on Instagram. 

Facebook & Instagram Content Performance

Statistics reveal how our posts have performed over the past month. It is essential to have our audience interact with our posts. More interaction with a post will then improve the reach of a post.

In August, our FB post announcing Matt Ritter as a keynote speaker received the broadest reach. 


On Twitter, we have been increasing our followers. We have not been more active on the platform as we roll out the promotion of the conference, annual awards, a haiku contest, and upcoming campaigns. Interesting, our top tweet for the past month was a reminder to water your trees during the heat wave. 


I have updated our LinkedIn page and believe there are many opportunities to post more regularly on this site and grow our audience. We are already seeing traffic coming to our website following the updates. 

Email Audience & Newsletter Performance

CaUFC Master List: 3,856
AMPlify List: 930

Email subscribers remain constant last year.

Our latest newsletter achieved an above-average open rate and low unsubscribing. The click rate was lower than average, but we are also heavily promoting our event on social media, and visits to our website are up. 


CAUFC Website Performance 

September 1, 2021 – August 31, 2022


The chart on the right tracks the page views and visitors to the site each month. Visits to the website increased in February with interest in the AMPlify events. May saw increases with drought awareness materials being available to a broad audience. The latest spikes are from visits to the website for the conference, the annual awards, and the haiku promotion.

Top pages visited in the past month:

  1. California Urban Forests Council
  2. 2022 Schedule
  3. Trees and drought
  4. Haiku 2022
  5. Annual Awards
  6. 2022 Location
  7. Why Urban Forests?
  8. Resources
  9. Haiku Gallery
  10. About Us


We have launched our store for swag, starting out with t-shirts for the conference. I will be adding more designs in the future. Plus, we will be launching a peer-to-peer campaign and getting ready for GivingTuesday following the conference. 

Conference fundraising thus far is $10,084 with 46 registrations plus staff. We will continue promoting the conference, and hopefully, we will see the registrations increase. 

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