November 2022 Overview

Coming to the conference

Conference Registrations: 109
Conference Tickets: $17,879

Social Media (Meta)

Facebook & Instagram followers were up for the conference promotion and have since plateaued.


We have 1,207 followers on Twitter and have not been posting much since the conference. We will be posting more as the year comes to a close. 

E-newsletters remain constant

Our audience remains constant & the latest newsletter had one of our best open rates, at 30.9% (our average is 24.2%). We have 3,887 subscribers for the CaUFC newsletter.

We need to use LinkedIn more

Social media drives traffic to our website. Facebook, Instagram, and now LinkedIn are our top social media referrers. I’ll be adding more content to LinkedIn in the future. 

Our visitors are more mobile

27% of our website visitors are on mobile devices, with our top referrers being social media platforms after search engines.

End-of-Year Fundraising 

I am building out our end-of-year fundraising campaign and hope to launch it before the end of this week. On a webinar about fundraising, there were several tips on making your online campaigns easier for those more inclined to donate. I am incorporating those ideas right now. For instance, having a how to video showing how to set up your fundraiser and having a fundraiser toolkit available. 

New Communications Channel — Talking Trees Podcast

“Talking Trees” CaUFC podcast for education & outreach

Short video (or audio) podcasts on urban forestry topics based on the theme ‘all solutions include trees.’ The podcasts would be between 15 to 30 mins and would introduce the audience to the wide range of benefits provided by urban trees.

Using podcasts like ‘stuff you missed in history class‘ and the Frick Museum’s series ‘cocktails with a curator‘ as inspiration to create a podcast to reach a new audience with our urban forestry messaging.

The ‘Cocktails with a Curator’ series was great in that it focused on one work of art in the museum’s collection and gave the history of the work and artist. This style of an episode would be great for introducing a new audience to the different types of trees in their immediate environment. As people learn the names of things, like plants and animals, it helps to increase their appreciation of the environment. 

‘Stuff You Missed in History Class’ is a purely audio-based podcast. Here the inspiration is about things around you and in your environment you may have missed. We can introduce the audience to the various benefits provided by trees; energy saving, test results, health, and healing, etc. These topics would also be great for guest interviews.

Perhaps we could get some sponsors for the podcast in the future.

Another possibility is to reintroduce a membership where for just a few dollars a month, the paying audience could have earlier access to episodes, special Live Q&A with certain guests, etc.

A couple of sample episodes will be produced once the fundraising season is behind us using existing video content from past interviews. 


Cocktails with a curator 

Stuff You Missed in History Class


CAUFC Communications Channels

Facebook & Instagram

Meta (Facebook) has changed how they report analytics for both Facebook and Instagram. Measures like ‘reach’ (how many people are seeing your posts or page) from traditional advertising are more important than follower numbers. Also important to know is the audience interacting with our content. It is important to note that ‘reach’ is an estimated metric.

The percentage up or down measure is this period in relation to the previous period, which is the last month (August 2022) compared to the previous month (July 2022). Facebook is shown on the left, Instagram is on the right, and the previous period is the gray line.

Our page and profile visits have increased with the promotion of the conference and more regular posting. See how the blue line is up over the gray line. 

Facebook & Instagram Audience

Meta (Facebook) has changed how they report analytics for both Facebook and Instagram. Statistics on our audience reveal the age and gender, the top cities for our followers, as well as the top countries. The audience statistics are for all the time that has passed since we set up our page.

Our audience has grown since last month. We passed 1,600 on Facebook since promoting the conference, and we are approaching 900 on Instagram. 

Facebook & Instagram Content Performance

Statistics reveal how our posts have performed over the past month. It is essential to have our audience interact with our posts. More interaction with a post will then improve the reach of a post.

In October, our FB post for our October newsletter had the best combination of reach and reactions.


On Twitter, we have been slowly increasing our followers. 


I have updated our LinkedIn page and believe there are many opportunities to post more regularly on this site and grow our audience. Our page has almost 200 followers.

Email Audience & Newsletter Performance

CaUFC Master List: 3,887
AMPlify List: 1,735

Email subscribers remain constant last year.

Our latest newsletter achieved an above-average open rate and low unsubscribing. The click rate was lower than average, but we are also heavily promoting our event on social media, and visits to our website are up.


CAUFC Website Performance 

November 1, 2021 – October 31, 2022


The chart on the right tracks the page views and visitors to the site each month and other vital measurements for the website for the past year. The ‘Missing’ page coming in at #10 could be caused by old links to our website on other sites.

Top pages visited in the past month:

  1. California Urban Forests Council (home page)
  2. California Urban Forests Council (home page – conference)
  3. 2022 Schedule
  4. Why Urban Forests?
  5. Trees and drought
  6. Don Bessler
  7. About Us
  8. Resources
  9. Events
  10. Missing 


We have launched our store for swag, starting out with t-shirts for the conference. I will be adding more designs in the future. Plus, we will be launching a peer-to-peer campaign (hopefully this Friday) and getting ready for GivingTuesday. 

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