Highlights for CaUFC:

Email subscribers continue to taper off. Subscriber numbers take a hit following the holiday fundraising campaigns.

Twitter followers picked up with the Global Climate Action Summit and continue to rise with our haiku promotion.

CAUFC Communications Channels

Facebook page likes: 1,125
Facebook page followers: 1,120
Twitter: 940
Email subscribers: 1,557

CAUFC Website Views and Visits

Views were up in October and dropped back down in November and December. The October views were most likely in relation to the birthday party events. Our highest traffic ever has came from the promotion of our conference that was held in San Rafael in 2017. 2017 saw the highest amount of website traffic since going to the wordpress platform.


  • Visitors to the site arrive via the home page.
  • Events calendar still attracts views, mostly for the Sacramento Valley Regional Urban Council hosting events every other month
  • 124 clicks through to our site came from Classy – our fundraising platform
  • People are coming for our tools, the climate trees map is the 8th most visited page this year
  • Google is still the most common search engine, then Bing
  • Facebook bring some visitors
  • Our visitors are almost all North American

Highlights for CaUFC Fundraising:

Our first peer-to-peer fundraising campaign on the Classy platform raised $592.60. Last year we raised $470 in the same period.

Highlights for IFGU:

All social platforms have been slightly trending down over the year. Instagram followers were not fans of our haiku promotion. Content in the new year will steer back towards increasing our follower base.

IFGU Communications Channels

Facebook page likes: 899
Facebook page followers: 865
Twitter: 545
Instagram: 637

IFGU Website Views and Visits

Views were up overall in 2018. 2018 was better than 2017 and with the promotion work on the CIRCLE and now Cool Parks programs the trend seems to indicate greater website traffic this year.


  • CIRCLE3.0 and the Arbor Day Community Canopy pages are generated the most traffic.
  • Our CIRCLE pages are among the most visited pages since the website went to the wordpress platform.
  • See our most viewed pages below.