Funding Available:

CalFire Urban and Community Forestry has released the Guidelines and the Request for Proposals for their Cap-and-Trade Grant Program.

A Webinar is scheduled for September 24th and six workshops are anticipated, although not yet announced.  More information can be found at the link below.  Concept Proposals are due November 13, 2014


We will provide more information and updates as we receive new information.

Policy Decisions Still Afoot:

Some important policy decisions related to the roll-out of the $17.8 million in cap-and-trade auction revenues allocated to the CalFire Urban Forestry Program are still under discussion at the Air Resources Board and CalEPA.

Recent information came out at the end of August that 100% of the Urban Forestry funds will be allocated to projects benefiting disadvantaged communities. This is an increase from past indications (55-80%) and makes policy decisions about how those communities are defined and what is considered “benefiting” a disadvantaged community very important.

Comments on the Air Resource Board Guidance and CalEPA Options for Identifying Disadvantaged Communities are due September 15th (see below)

More Background Information:

• Summary of the CalFire Stakeholders Call (held late August)
• Air Resources Board Draft Guidance for Administering Cap-and-Trade Funding to Disadvantaged Communities
• CalEPA Proposed Options for Identifying Disadvantaged Communities
• CalEnviroscreen 2.0 Tool for identifying Disadvantaged Communities

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