December 2018 Minutes


Call to Order & Introductions – Emily – 11:04 am called to order

In attendance – Tom Story, Laura Burnett, Dave Duncan, Bob Blum, Emily Spillett, Isby Fleishmann – Staff: Nancy and Deb; Absent: Gordon Mann and Daniel Kump

Approve Agenda – Emily – Approved unanimously

        Approved Consent Calendar – Approved unanimously

  • 17.18 Board Meeting Minutes – Tom reminded us that he was absent from the October in-person meeting
  • Executive Director’s Report – Nancy gave an update on her report including legislative work in Sacramento this week and changes with Pacific Policy Group, our consulting firm for advocacy work
  • Communications Director’s Report – Deb gave an update the website access and the issues currently, and social media engagement by the public. Deb will follow-up with the board when the board website portal access is back up

Next Steps Annual Support Campaign

  • Board member Commitments/timeline/goals/accomplishments – Emily asked Tom to give us an update where we left off and since our board size has been diminishing that we should hold off on campaign work until 2019. Tom suggests that we do it in-person and we focus on board growth. This is Tom’s last board meeting.  Everyone is really sad to see Tom go!  We will reach out with Tom for expert advice into the future.  Tom has a recommendation for his replacement. 

Friend Raising – Emily/Nancy

  • Recruiting new board members– Emily, Nancy and Isby met regarding building the board for 2019.  We will be getting the board – we want to review applicants in February at the in-person meeting.  Isby is excited about the fact that we are attempting to build the board. Emily reminds that we should always be recruiting for new board members/friends. Emily reported that Nancy has asked the leadership of the regional councils to consider holding seats on the board.  They agree in principle but want to discuss it further in January.  

11:45 AM – Nancy’s compensation package – staff has been asked to leave the call so board members can discuss Hughes’s salary package and duties.

11:55 AM – NEXT BOARD MEETING CALL – January 18, 2019 – 11:00AM – 12 Noon

12 Noon – Adjourn


December 14, 2018

11:00am – 12 Noon

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