CaUFC Strategic Plan Review

Thursday May 14, 2020
10:00 AM – Noon

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10:00 AM – Call meeting to Order – Daniel Kump

  • Welcome, introduction to session process and background – Daniel Kump
  • FRAME the Conversation: The Board’s role with a focus on “The New Normal”

10:10 AM – SWOT Analysis – Nancy Hughes

11:00 AM – Raise Awareness, Provide Tools and Solutions

  • Emerging Issues
  • Build Value/Respect for Urban &Community Forestry
  • Education, Outreach and Social Media expansion

11:45 AM Next Steps: Forward motion for next two-hour call – “Strategies”

  • Regional Councils’ role
  • New Projects/Programs?
  • Fundraising
  • What else?
  • Next call date

12:00 Noon – Adjourn

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