• Conference registrations are up to 98, with 39 on the tree tour.
  • Website views are up 35% and people are spending longer on the site, mostly viewing conference pages
  • Facebook likes and followers continue to grow
  • New, simple board page set up

Conference swag items: Bandana, button, notebook and temporary tattoos.

CAUFC Communications Channels

Facebook page likes: 1,278
Facebook page followers: 1,277
Twitter: 975
Email subscribers: 1,571

Email Audience

The September newsletter had yet to go out as at the time of this report.

Our subscribers, broken down by how often they open and click our emails:

  • 12% Often
  • 12% Sometimes
  • 72% Rarely

Our updates about the conference have received an open rate of 20% and over.

MailChimp open (turquoise) and click rate (green). 

CAUFC Website Views and Visits


Reporting on full months. Many of the important metrics for website performance are all up.

  • Sessions up 12.71%
  • Page views up 3.95%
  • Visitors up 13.93%
  • Average time on site down 13.90%

Conference pages were among the most visited pages on the website.

We are now tracking the key search terms people are using to find our website with the top five:

  1. california urban forest council
  2. california urban plants
  3. board resources
  4. 2019 ca urban forests conference
  5. California Urban Forests



Most visited pages*
  1. California Urban Forests Council
  2. Schedule 2019
  3. Speakers 2019
  4. Getting here 2019
  5. Events
  6. Why Urban Forests?
  7. Resources
  8. California Climate Trees Map
  9. About Us
  10. Annual Awards 2019

*since May 2019 – new analytics plugin

Average time on site

The average time visitors are spending on the website decreased over the past month, to 2 minutes.


Conference Registrations

Tree Tour: 39
Conference: 98
Awards & Soiree: 6


Net Raised $15,948.30


IFGU Communications Channels

Facebook page likes: 928
Facebook page followers: 893
Twitter: 559
Instagram: 671

IFGU Website Views and Visits


Looking at the top 10 most visited pages on the Invest from the Ground Up site, early pages, like that of a free tree offer for Albany continue to receive visits. This page has been re-directed to our free trees offer as part of the community canopy program of CIRCLE3.0.



Most visited pages in the past month
  1. Invest From the Ground Up
  2. Arbor Day Foundation Community Canopy Trees
  3. San Francisco Bay Area Tree Planting Project
  4. CIRCLE3.0
  5. Trees are the Lungs of the Earth
  6. About
  7. “Trees are Messy” – Part I: Tips for Controlling Your Trees Yield
  8. Santee Neighborhood Tree Planting Program – A Free Street Tree for You!
  9. Cool Parks: Santee
  10. Resources