Monthly Call:

September 19, 2019

12:00 Noon – 1:00 PM


Meeting Objectives:

  • Schedule Strategic Plan ad-hoc Committee meeting
  • Finalize next in-person board meeting date
  • Discuss, nominate and vote on new executive committee
  • Commitments to Silent Auction for Conference
  • Hear the September Pipeline Report (synopsis of the E.D. Report)
  • New Advisory Council Application update
  • Regional Councils efforts and support
  • Review new action items (August incorporated into this agenda below)



CAUFC Staff: Nancy Hughes, Deb Etheredge

At Large Board Members: Daniel Kump, Nancy Sappington, Emily Spillett, Isby Fleishmann, Lee Ayres, Bob Blum, Sarah Gaskin, Gordon Mann, Emina Darakjy, Anne Fenkner, Daniel Kump


Excused – Jeff Reimer, Matt Deines, Elizabeth Lanham
Unexcused – Megan Shaw, Dave Duncan, Laura Burnett


12:07 Call to Order & Introductions

12:11 Approve Consent Calendar

  • Consent Calendar approved
  • 7.18.19 Board Meeting Minutes
  • Executive Director’s Report – see the report
  • Communications Director’s Report

12:12 PM – Old Business

Strategic Plan

Ad hoc committee update – later in the meeting

Draft Financial Statement

The auditor is correcting the draft financial documents – Nancy. Dollars held in trust for regional councils from Forest Service allocation to use & appears on the balance sheet. The auditor wants the funds tallied at the end of the year, and may not be showing. Trying to work out how to balance the needs of the auditor and the needs of the grant providers in terms of capturing, invoicing, and reporting expenses.

Profit & Loss statement discussion. The revised annual budget, added another grant and does not include moving out to another office.

Meeting Schedule

Emily asked if the meeting schedule should be at 8 AM one month, midday the next. An in-person meeting is coming up. October? Or move to January? Put in-person meetings on the calendar. Determine what is North, what is South. Determine the preferred location, near the airport.

Vote on October in-person meeting Friday 25th October – none opposed (Isby only part of thea day). San Francisco. Have others stream in?

Cannot make it? Laura – on the east coast.

Executive Committee

The ballot is available online and was sent in the pack — only one nomination. Deb has resent link to ballot online while on call.

Conference Silent Auction update

Emina is doing OK, still not heard from everyone on the regional council distribution list and looking for more donations. Everything will have minimum bids.

Board Application

Gordon was not available to comment on Kit Jory’s application.

12:51 PM Pipeline Report – Nancy

Nancy’s report is available online here.

Running 5 CAL FIRE grants.

  • CIRCLE1 in maintenance and monitoring.
  • CIRCLE2 all trees planted.
  • CIRCLE3 (High-Speed Rail) trees are still going in the ground through the end of the year.
  • Cool Parks runs through March 2022. Two plantings, several community meetings/workshops.
  • City Forest Renewal is starting up. In the organizing stages.

Urban Forestry and the WUI from the Forest Service.

Ongoing FS grant that goes to June 30, 2020.


Over 100 have registered. Tree Tour with Matt Ritter has sold out. There is a welcome party at Deadwood Revival Design on Thursday evening. Set up at 10 PM on Thursday.

Board Members need to register! Funding for travel available as needed.

Board Fundraising

Emina has a question about the goals. Follow up at the in-person meeting.



12:58 PM Regional Council Board Members

  • Review Councils’ structure? Will be discussed at the in-person meeting.

1:02 PM – Adjourned

Action Items

Not discussed this meeting.

  • Emily – schedule Strategic Plan meeting/catch up. Emily and Nancy to follow up with Regional Council members regarding leadership and structure; this discussion incorporated into Strategic Plan discussion.
  • All – complete Executive Committee Nomination Form.
  • All – Register for conference; send silent auction items/ideas to Emina.
  • All – review the Communications Plan/Strategic Plan and identify questions/thoughts for 2019 goals/actions.


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