Minutes: September, 2020



Board Members: Daniel Kump, Emily Spillett, Bob Blum, Nancy Sappington, Matt Deines, Mona Cummings, Emina Darakjy.

Staff: Nancy Hughes


Isby Fleishmann, Jenn Yost


Dave Duncan, Anne Fenkner, Elizabeth Lanham, Jenn Yost, Sarah Gaskin, Gordon Mann, Kit Jory


Action Items

  • Review, Approve agenda, Consent Calendar
  • Discuss Ad-Hoc Subcommittees progress on developing tasks
  • Update – Trees Are Essential Campaign
  • Follow-up discussion and possible vote on Kit Jory’s board application


Call to Order – Daniel Kump called the meeting to order at 12:15 PM

The Board reviewed and approved the agenda unanimously with one addition added by Nancy Hughes Review regarding webinars or workshops with Regional Councils

The Board approved the Consent Calendar unanimously which included:

  • 18.2020 Board Meeting Minutes
  • Executive Director’s Report
  • Communications Director’s Report

Draft Financial Documents – Nancy presenting the draft documents and explained how the advance of funds on grants works in the bookkeeping.

**Clicking/thumping sound distracting meeting.

**Discussion of technical issues.

CIRCLE4.0 program overview

  • Nancy gave an overview of the new program.
  • 30 planting events on the same day.
  • Looking for growers for the new tree species being considered for the program.  

Old Business

Daniel introduced the committees – commenting on the good work done so far, with more work still to do.

Strategies 1,2,3 – Ad-hoc Committee report outs (one group had met):

#1 Inspire and Engage a Diverse Network with robust programs – Sarah, Elizabeth, Isby, Matt, Megan, Nancy – Nancy shared an update of what the team had been working on. 

#2 Strategy Team meeting time has been set for Friday 24th Sept.


#3 Strategy Team needs to determine the meeting time.


Schedule next call for October 15, 2020 – doodle poll on time

Adjourn – 12:59 PM

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