When you stop and think about it, what makes a neighborhood great? Can you imagine a great neighborhood without trees? It’s a simple truth that great neighborhoods have character, rooted in the trees, parks and green spaces that help make the place we live feel like home.

Unfortunately, when decisions are being made about what’s best for our community to thrive, the true value provided by these basic resources—and the return on the investment we make in them—is often overlooked.

That’s why we started the “Invest From the Ground Up” campaign—because Californians deserve to know that investing in our trees, parks and green spaces not only helps create great neighborhoods, but gives us back much more than we put in.

The best solutions don’t have to be new, complicated or expensive. Once people see what can grow when we simply invest from the ground up, we can begin making decisions that help our communities thrive, our local businesses flourish and the place we live feel even more like home.

We’re partnering with homeowners, business owners, local governments and agencies, utilities, organizations and community leaders in cities across California to bring this campaign to a neighborhood near you. Stay tuned to our homepage to get regular updates and find out where we’re headed next!

Want this campaign in your community? Send us an email at investintrees@caufc.org, tell us on Facebook or Twitter, or give us a call at 415-479-8733.