Minutes: October 25, 2019

In-person Meeting:

October 25, 2019  10:00 AM – 4:00 PM




Emily Spillett, Daniel Kump, Bob Blum, Jeff Reimer, Emina Darakjy, Mona Cummings, Sarah Gaskin, Elizabeth Lanham


Nancy Hughes, Deb Etheredge

 On phone:

Gordon Mann


Matt Deines, Megan Shaw, Dave Duncan, Laura Burnett


Communications Report: Deb

  • Social media, fairly steady, not a lot up pick-up.
  • Sarah G. Volunteered to start CaUFC Instagram page

Executive Director’s Report

Federal Update:

USFS $7.47B

U&CF $40M ($12.4M increase)

Every state gets a base of $200k

Advocacy update: Tasha Newman (Pacific Policy Group)

Focused attention on:

  1. Appropriation for Urban forestry
  2. PSHB issue
  3. Work force development
  • Fire prevention, forest health, defensible space, line clearance
  • Increase funding going toward the program
  • Ended up with $20M for urban forestry (Cap&Trade funding revenue) 2019-2020
  • Natural Resources and Climate Resilience Bond…ensured funding for UF in bond. $75M for urban greening, $25M for UF (proposals at this point, needs to get passed)
  • Bond efforts this year not successful. Non passed. Will start again this Fall with hopes of casting a bond for Nov election.
  • Lorena Gonzalez – CA Start assembly
  • $5M toward PSHB, but allocated to many orgs
  • Work force development, short on skilled labor in WL and UF.
  • Senator Henry Stern intro’d SB462 – Community College 2-year program, Urban Forestry etc. (Bill is in holding, need to go back)
  • A lot of bills around forest health and fire prevention. Especially on defensible space, maybe not be necessary to remove so many trees. Not just go out and clear cut.
  • Defensible space bill was vetoed by governor bc too expensive.

Book/Video Recommendations:

  • Fire & Ice (HBO)
  • “Talking to Strangers” Malcom Gladwell
  • “Forest Bathing”

**Everyone send in 1 book or article

Lunch Break Noon –
Local Carbon Network Presentation by Khadija Khansia

Back in session: 1:08pm

Strategic Plan: Deb/Nancy

  • Mission: What is a “Smart” investment.
    • Emerging issues…adding Climate change. Carbon?
    • Went over Objectives and Actions.
  • Fundraising:
    • Ideas:
      • Triple AAA teams
      • Off the grid
      • What is the money going toward?
      • Develop the story in the regions. Make it resonate.

Regional updates:

Bay Area: Elizabeth

  • What’s happening: Tree planting, mtg in Berkeley
  • Goals: more support, regular events (every other month)

Fresno: Mona 

  • New and learning, meeting everyone, learning how to manage funds in a smart way to have the most impact.

LA/OC: Emina

  • Street trees seminar next month: Annual event, award scholarships
  • Summer event, host at Cal Poly Pomona
  • Buy the book

Central Coast: Jeff

  • Upcoming SLO arbor day, planting trees at a park. Nov 2
  • Another tree planting: 120 tree downtown
  • Projects: the nursery connection, connect select-tree with nurseries

Inland: Nancy Sappington

  • Riverside’s Green Summit
  • Booth at Pollinator Festival
  • Cal Poly in December – Booth – recruiting people in Arb workforce
  • Workshop in January – bilingual English/Spanish
  • Active board, but challenge of time constraint
  • Grant with Riverside for nursery, but no time for grant renewal

End time: 4:04pm