Minutes: October 15, 2020



Board Members: Elizabeth Lanham, Daniel Kump, Emily Spillett, Nancy Sappington, Jenn Yost, Mona Cummings, Sarah Gaskin, Gordon Mann, Laura Burnett, Bob Blum, Magen Shaw.

Staff: Nancy Hughes, Deb Etheredge


Emina Darakjy, Isby Fleishmann


Dave Duncan, Anne Fenkner, Kit Jory


Action Items

  • Review, Approve agenda, Consent Calendar
  • Discuss Ad-Hoc Subcommittees progress on developing tasks
  • Update – Trees Are Essential Campaign
  • Follow-up discussion and possible vote on Kit Jory’s board application


Call to Order – Daniel Kump called the meeting to order at 12:05 PM

12.06 PM

The board reviewed and approved the agenda with one addition added by Nancy Hughes regarding training for the board committees.

Discussion on Regional Council Report

Questions around what the reporting period is for regional councils. Nancy talked about the importance of sharing information with our funders and supporters. The report can be filled out online.

12.15 PM

The Board approved the Consent Calendar unanimously which included:

  • September 2020 Board Meeting Minutes
  • Executive Director’s Report
  • Communications Director’s Report

Draft Financial Documents – Nancy presenting the draft documents and explained how the advance of funds on grants works in the bookkeeping.

Nancy walked through the P&L for the period of January through the end of June 2020. Of note, total income from grants was a little over $1 million, with a net income of a little over $8.5k.

On the balance sheet, Nancy showed the dollars that the regional councils have earned and that we hold on behalf of the councils.

Nancy also went through a document, showing the different grants and the budget versus the spending on each grant, as well as showing the community partners.

Old Business

Strategies 1,2,3 – Ad-hoc Committee report outs:

#1 Strategy Team – the committee has finished working out its tactics.

#2 Strategy Team is making progress and is meeting again tomorrow (October 16). The team came up with a lot of tactics and will be working on those on October 16.

#3 Strategy Team needs to determine the meeting time.

Daniel thanked everyone for putting in the thought, time, and energy that is needed for the strategic plan.

New Business –

  • Board Members’ terms ending
    • Nancy went through the board member roster and looked at who has terms. Emily, Dave Duncan (removing from the roster), Bob Blum, and Gordon Mann have terms that are up at the end of this year.
    • Bob Blum discussed his role on the board, about being able to arrange for legal offices to be provided to the board. Bob is happy to continue in the same capacity.
    • Emily is happy to continue.
    • Nancy to follow up with Gordon.
    • Elizabeth looking at bringing in another member of the Bay Area regional council as the board representative.
  • Bylaws Discussion regarding board member recruitment, seats available to be filled. Nancy discussed the process and timing of selecting and filling board seats. We have requirements for the officers on the board to be filled; president, treasurer, and secretary. Our bylaws allow for up to 20 members, so we have 4 available seats. Nancy will be sending out the bylaws again. Daniel asked for volunteers for a board member ballot and the bylaws. Nancy believes we need to update the language in the bylaws.
  • Discussion on changing the meeting time. The vote on changing the meeting time shows the current time is the better time for most.

Schedule the next call for November 19, 2020 – at midday.

Board Training Discussion

Sarah introduced the discussion around anti-racism training for the board. Sarah has a brother-in-law that conducts training. Nancy discussed having a focus on issues surrounding diversity that have come up across the state. Board discussion on timing for a session in January. There is also advocacy training and also training on fundraising that Nancy is suggesting for February and March. These have come up in the strategy committee meetings. Sarah will send out an overview, or what to expect for the training.

Adjourn – 1:04 PM

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