Strategic Planning Session – June 2020

(Note: the text in BOLD captured below is the updated, edited version of the previously discussed Strategies and Actions.

CaUFC Strategic Planning Session #2

June 18, 2020

10:00 AM – Welcome & introductions – Daniel

10:10 AM – Review and approve agenda – Daniel

10:15 AM – Recap of first Strategic Plan call on May 14th, 2020 – Daniel and Nancy

10:30 AM  – Context and things to consider for strategy conversation – Nancy

  1. Making hard choices
  2. Bold thinking pays off
  3. Small organization – big ideas
  4. How does the Board participate?
    1. How are we going to evolve? Current CaUFC Governance Structure
  5. We will focus on five strategies or fewer! (objectives, actions, tactics will all come next month!)

11:30 AM – Bio-break

11:40 AM – TREES ARE ESSENTIAL CAMPAIGN – Preview – Nancy & Deb

11:55 AM – Schedule next call

12:00 Noon – Adjourn


Strategy #1

Inspire and engage a diverse network with robust programs

Strategy #2

Ensure financial and programmatic sustainability

Strategy #3

Recruit a fundraising board of directors



Volunteers-Sarah, Isby, Dorothy

Strategy 1: Inspire, engage and collaborate with a diverse network with robust programs


  • Identify and develop new urban forestry programs
  • Strengthen existing programs, eg. Invest from the Ground Up
  • Collaborate with and support the local work of the Regional Councils.
  • Identify & build relationships for successful community-based outreach efforts. 
  • Implement outreach to elected officials & decision makers.
  • Each regional council engage with non-traditional organization to partner with
  • Each non-regional council board member will identify a non-traditional organization to create partnerships




Volunteers-Daniel, Nancy Hughes

Strategy 2: Ensure financial & programmatic sustainability


  • Oversee resources, approve budgets, and monitor finances.
  • Maintain legal & fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Ensure completion of program deliverables including financial management, invoicing, reporting, etc.
  • Monitor organizational performance. 
  • Review & revise the Strategic Plan as the need arises.
  • Ensuring a diversity of funding sources


Volunteers-Mona, Nancy Hughes

Strategy 3: Recruit and retain an engaged fundraising and partnership building board of directors


  • Review, develop and achieve targets for board composition
  • Establish fundraising targets to maintain, fund & build capacity 
  • Maintain an ongoing compilation list of fundraising opportunities and deadlines
  • Raise funds for increased outreach & public policy work; staff retention, program continuity, developing leadership capacity and covering fundraising costs. 
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