Minutes: January 21, 2021



Board Members: Mona Cummings, Laura Burnett, Bob Blum, Jillian Keller, Magen Shaw, Emina Darakjy, Sarah Gaskin, Nancy Sappington, Isby Fleischmann

Staff: Nancy Hughes, Deb Etheredge


Excused – Daniel Kump, Anne Fenkner, Unexcused – Gordon Mann

Action Items

  • Review, Approve agenda, Consent Calendar
  • Discuss Strategic Plan progress
  • Determine Dates for Board Trainings 2021
  • Discuss Bylaws Review
  • Board Elections
  • Organize and Schedule Regional Council Leadership Zoom event


Call to Order – Daniel Kump was unable to attend so President-Elect Emina Darakjy called the meeting to order at 12:08 PM

  • The board reviewed and unanimously approved the agenda at 12:09 PM
  • The board reviewed and unanimously approved the consent calendar at 12:12 PM
  • The election for Executive Committee Members was finalized – Sarah Gaskin is the new Secretary, and Laura Barnett is the new Treasurer – with terms through December 2023.
  • Draft Strategic Plan to be submitted to Board Members for February meeting
  • Our Anti-Racism Training is schedule for the evening of March 18th at 6pm. Mark your calendars! Nancy Hughes and Sarah Gaskin will have a call with Jeramiah Sims regarding our anti-racism board event training content.
  • Regional Council partnership webinar opportunities were discussed with a $1,000 bonus for organizing events with CaUFC.
  • Nancy Hughes Reviewed the draft 2021 budget and the budget was preliminarily approved. Final approval in February after board members have had time to review.
  • Nancy Hughes mentioned we are working with Assemblymember Caballeros office on a potential urban forestry bill in the Sacramento legislature.
  • Next meeting for February 18, 2021
  • Equity Session: March 18th @ 6pm

Meeting adjourned 12.57pm

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