Minutes: February 18, 2021



Board Members: Daniel Kump, Emily Spillett, Mona Cummings, Laura Burnett, Bob Blum, Isby Fleishmann, Elizabeth Lanham, Magen Shaw, Nancy Sappington

Staff: Nancy Hughes, Deb Etheredge


Excused: Anne Fenkner, Matt Dienes, Jenn Yost 


Action Items

  • Review, Approve agenda, Consent Calendar
  • The outcome of the Executive Committee Election
  • Draft Strategic Plan – Strategies reviewed
  • Finalize Dates/Times for Board Training – First Quarter 2021
  • Final Vote on 2021 Draft Approved Budget and notes
  • Organize and Schedule Regional Council Leadership Zoom event and webinars
  • Discuss Additional Bylaws Review
  • Co-Sponsor New Urban Forestry Legislation in Sacramento
  • LA Arboretum Update
  • Nick Harvey Board member application


Call to Order – Daniel Kump called the meeting to order at 12:06 PM

12.06 PM 

The board reviewed and approved the agenda with additions added by Nancy Hughes.

  • Agenda. Unanimously approved at 12:06.

12.11 PM

Consent Calendar – (Unanimously approved)

Old Business – 

  • Board elections: elected to two-year terms (end Dec 2022): Sarah Gaskin as Secretary, Laura Burnett as Treasurer – Congratulations!
  • Strategic Plan: review each strategy, mainly for the “who” will do the work and the “by when” timeline.
  • Emily volunteered to update the Board application by the end of March with Sarah and Nancy
  • Nancy making updates to the Google sheet while going through each strategy and tactic. (See sheet)

12.49 PM Final approval of the Budget

  • Daniel called for a vote. Unanimously approved at 12.51 PM) 

12.52 PM Regional Council

  • Nancy to follow-up with Sac Valley and Central Coast. Bay Area committed to doing the webinar.

 12.53 PM Bylaw update 

  • Tabled to next meeting

12.53 PM Board Member Application

  • Vote on Nick Harvey’s application next month

12.54 PM Emina on the LA Arboretum

  • Emina gave an update on the plan for a stormwater catchment in the LA Arboretum. The plan would mean the removal of over 400 mature trees. 

1.04 PM PM Adjourned

New Business –

  • Discuss Bylaws Review
    • Discussed extending election period; form the Board earlier in the year/rolling. Nancy to update, changing ad-hoc election committee start date from October to August.
      • Board Motion. Approve this change in bylaws. Laura/Mona. Unanimously approved at 12:51.
    • The board application is going to be updated
    • Kit to become a Board member in January

Regional Council Updates –

  • Regional Council Webinar partnerships with CaUFC – $1,000 to play
  • Nancy has a webinar she recommends. Audience- officials and professionals; potentially non-profits.
  • Need councils to help with outreach/marketing; can add additional speakers.
  • Central Coast and San Joaquin Valley haven’t had the opportunity to do this
  • Regional Council Leadership Team-up virtual meeting- suggested by Jenn Yost

Allow collaboration/coordination

  • Jenn Yost to send out an initial invitation

Schedule the next call for January 21, 2021 

Adjourn – 1:01 PM

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