Minutes: December 17, 2020



Board Members: Daniel Kump, Jenn Yost, Mona Cummings, Laura Burnett, Bob Blum, Isby Fleishmann, Matt Dienes, Dorothy Abetya (for Bay Area).

Staff: Nancy Hughes, Deb Etheredge


Emina Darakjy, Anne Fenkner, Nancy Sappington 


Dave Duncan


Action Items

  • Review, Approve agenda, Consent Calendar
  • Discuss Strategic Plan progress
  • Determine Dates for Board Trainings 2021
  • Discuss Bylaws Review
  • Board Elections
  • Organize and Schedule Regional Council Leadership Zoom event


Call to Order – Daniel Kump called the meeting to order at 12:06 PM

12.08 PM 

The board reviewed and approved the agenda with additions added by Nancy Hughes. 

  • Agenda. Unanimously approved at 12:08 with the additions below:
    Completion of Strategic Plan
  • Annual Budget
  • New Lease

12.09 PM

Consent Calendar – (Laura/Mona – Unanimously approved )

Old Business – 

  • Strategic Plan – Nancy to take a pass at completing this; present draft to Board in January
  • Board Elections – Not clear who will be running for the seats; must clarify before the election.
    • Daniel will remain president for another year.
    • Emina expressed interest; Nancy to follow up.
    • Need replacement secretary. Isby attempting to act as secretary, but has schedule conflicts. Deb has been helping. Daniel nominates Sarah; Nancy to follow up.
    • Need a treasurer. Laura Burnett volunteered – hurrah!
  • Changes in Board membership
    • Gordan and Emily are looking to extend (terms are ending)
    • Dave Duncan will be rolling off (his term is ending)
    • Elizabeth Lantham is looking for a replacement

12.18 PM Training Date

  • Anti-racism training- Support for starting the year with anti-racism training. Would benefit Board work and other efforts. Should confirm dates/attendance prior to committing. Support for inviting collaborators. Discussed potential for the evening; potential to conduct it as an “event” rather than meeting. Target date – January
    • Board Vote. Approve anti-racism training as first training, and that Boards will commit to participate. Laura/Isby. Unanimously approved at 12:42.


  • Advocacy training – would help board members understand what we can and can’t do legally, and identify additional options and ways that Board members can be involved. The presentation will be recorded, and references will be provided. Target – March
    • Board Motion. Support moving forward with scheduling an advocacy training. Laura/Mona. Unanimously approved at 12:44.
  • Fundraising training – Daniel recommends bookmarking fundraiser training as a potential; determine if needed as we move forward and/or new board members join. Target date – N/A. Delay

New Business –

  • Discuss Bylaws Review
    • Discussed extending election period; form the Board earlier in the year/rolling. Nancy to update, changing ad-hoc election committee start date from October to August.
      • Board Motion. Approve this change in bylaws. Laura/Mona. Unanimously approved at 12:51.
    • The board application is going to be updated
    • Kit to become a Board member in January

Regional Council Updates –

  • Regional Council Webinar partnerships with CaUFC – $1,000 to play
  • Nancy has a webinar she recommends. Audience- officials and professionals; potentially non-profits.
  • Need councils to help with outreach/marketing; can add additional speakers.
  • Central Coast and San Joaquin Valley haven’t had the opportunity to do this
  • Regional Council Leadership Team-up virtual meeting- suggested by Jenn Yost

Allow collaboration/coordination

  • Jenn Yost to send out an initial invitation

Schedule the next call for January 21, 2021 

Adjourn – 1:01 PM

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