Minutes: March 19, 2020



Board Members: Emily Spillett, Emina Darakjy, Mona Cummings, Sarah Gaskin, Laura Burnett, Gordon Mann, Bob Blum, Daniel Kump, Elizabeth Lanham, Nancy Sappington, Isby Fleischmann, Anne Fenker

Staff: Nancy Hughes, Deb Etheredge 


Jeff Reimer, Dave Duncan, Matt Deines


Action Items

  • Review, Approve agenda, Consent Calendar
  • Resolution for New Grant Funds
  • Determination Regarding Old Records
  • Discuss, nominate and vote(?) on new executive committee
  • Determine in-person board meeting date and location
    • Strategic Plan Revisions
    • Fundraising
  • AAA Baseball events Discussion


Call to Order: 12:07

Review and Approve Agenda:
approved with modifications proposed by Emily, including that the executive committee vote will not be included today.

Unanimously approved at 12:08

Approve Consent Calendar:

Unanimously approved at 12:09

New business:

  • 2018 Financial Audit – schedule time to review with Executive Committee

Old business

  • Old records – clear guidelines from grant providers, IRS, etc. on how long we need to keep records, for example 7 years. For many things, electronic versions exist. Do we want to keep documents after those timeframes? Bob moved to authorize Nancy to destroy documents according to the government document management policy.
  • Gordon tried contacting Kit Jory, will try again

Discuss, nominate and vote(?) on new executive committee

  • 10 votes have come in
  • Combine Secretary with Treasurer
  • Vote to confirm Isby as Secretary unanimously approved 12:43 PM
  • Vote to confirm President-Elect 2023 Emina unanimously approved 12:44 PM
  • Vote to confirm President 2020 Daniel unanimously approved 12:43 PM
  • Emily to continue to serve as Past President
  • Newly elected Executive Committee to commence their terms starting with the April meeting

Determine in-person board meeting date and location

  • Next meeting – two hours about the Strategic Plan, that is run through GoToMeeting.
  • Strategic Plan Revisions – tabled next meeting.
  • Fundraising – as a separate meeting?

Program deliverables

  • Coronavirus public health orders have resulted in spring arbor day events being postponed or canceled.
  • New materials for programs, like webinars, etc.

12:49 PM Adjourn