Social Channel Stats:

Email Master List
Average open rate 19.9%
Average click rate 2.2%

March newsletter
15.3% opens
1.2% clicks

February newsletter
16.4% opens
3.5% clicks

CAUFC Communications Channels

Facebook page likes: 1,135
Facebook page followers: 1,132
Twitter: 953
Email subscribers: 1,5367

CAUFC Website Views and Visits

Views and visitors were up in February.


  • Visitors to the site arrive via the home page, or the archived home page, with approximately 45% of page views.
  • Events calendar still attracts views, with 9.2% of views, mostly for the Sacramento Valley Regional Urban Council hosting events every other month.
  • The San Diego Regional Urban Forests Council page received a little over 5% of views in the past 30 days.
  • Resources, Programs, Tools and About Us make up the rest of the page views.


The Valentine’s Day promotion of receiving a limited edition print with the headline of ‘Show your Valentine you love them twice!’ received one donation of $50.

We will be repeating the campaign but rebranded for Arbor Day / California Arbor Week / Earth Day.

Our ongoing donation campaign received a new donation of $26.30 with the following comment from Larinda Pontes…

“I care about the environment and the education for our younger generation. In today’s technical world the new generation that starts work with us has never gotten their hands dirty or planted a tree. So I believe it’s and important part of the learning process for the future.”

Classy Total $4,810.30


IFGU Communications Channels

Facebook page likes: 893
Facebook page followers: 862
Twitter: 542
Instagram: 635

IFGU Website Views and Visits:

People are coming to the site for the free trees and to get information about upcoming events. The Arbor Day Community Canopy page is the most visited page over the past 30 days.

Other pages, including the CIRCLE3.0 page, Tree Planting, and Latest News, Adopt a tree and the CA Tree Team Resources page are amongst the top 10 most visited pages in the past month.