June 2019

Federal Policy Update

The House Interior Appropriations subcommittee (which oversees U&CF) allocated $40 million for the U&CF program! The additional $12.395 million is to address pest outbreaks (for Urban and Community Forestry to prevent and address pest outbreaks [like Emerald Ash Borer], improve forest sustainability, combat climate change, and assist with reforestation efforts). Read more HERE.

Forest Service Regional Update

Another call scheduled for June.

Forest Service Funding – We have a signed contract to address the intersection of urban forestry and the urban rural interface and fire in the UF. Will be scheduling meetings with various partners and vendors over the weeks to come to get the ball rolling.

Forest Service Funding

All of our paperwork has been submitted to the Forest Service for our new project called Merging at the Intersection of Urban Forestry and the Wildland Interface.  Expecting to start in July.  Will need a new staff person who can get up to speed fast and understands the WUI.  Also prompts the thought of needing larger office space, but that may not be necessary.  Thinking on this.

Forest Service Research

– no update

Cal Fire

I received the contract yesterday for our Urban Tree Removal and Education Project. I have printed it and signed it and am sending back today for their final signature. Then we will begin planning that implementation as well.


– no update

State Policy & Advocacy

Lots of wrangling finally got the State budget signed last week and there is $10M in the budget form Cap & Trade for U&CF at CalFire for the next fiscal year. We are fortunate to have gotten that much as it was zeroed-out up to the last minute. I have just confirmed that there is an additional $5M that has been appropriated for Shot Hole Borer research, etc. Also, here is a link to the Workforce Development bill we are helping to craft.

I am waiting to hear back from Jack McCabe of Davey Resource Group Utility Vegetation Management I participated on another call earlier this week with Davey’s attorneys to further the discussion on the line clearance issues in Sacramento. No feedback since then.

Program Updates

CIRCLE Projects (Cap & Trade Funding)

CIRCLE 1.0 – monitoring only, no update

CIRCLE 2.0 – sending out text messages to tree recipients to remind them to water along with other tree tidbits;

High-Speed Rail CIRCLE 3.0 – We will be finishing up the Spring tree plantings by the end of this month with two exceptions – City of Bell and LA County Parks Bell to be planted this month, LA Count Parks most likely this Fall. The balance of the Community Canopy Trees (smaller trees on private property) will go in this Fall. Here’s a link to a very cool Storyboard about the High Speed Rail project – not quite complete but I’m loving it!

2019 Conference

Plans are moving forward for our conference. We will have everything live by July 9th. Great agenda – very excited! If you know of any sponsorship possibilities, please let me know! I went to SLO in mid-May to research hotels, vendors, the conference site, etc. I also participated with the City and the Regional Council on a community-based educational event and tree walk with Dr. Matt Ritter.



  • Audit – our audit is scheduled for August 26 – 29th
  • I attended the CA ReLeaf Retreat May 30-31st in LA. Great to see folks from all levels of UF and friends for decades come together.
  • I attended the Sacramento Council meeting yesterday.
  • Participating with Drawdown Marin (getting to zero carbon) on a biomass planning committee to evaluate the entire county’s tree canopy: urban and wildlands, as well as each city! Our goal of a local tree group very well may be an outcome of this effort too.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Hughes