Monthly Call:

June 20, 2019

12:00 Noon – 1:30 PM


Meeting Objectives:

  • Review and approve Agenda
  • Review and approve Consent Calendar Items
  • Address Strategic Plan
  • Discuss & Determine next in-person board meeting date
  • Discuss, nominate and vote(?) on new executive committee
  • Commitments to Silent Auction for Conference
  • Hear the new Pipeline Report
  • Review Friendraising & Fundraising opportunities and goals
  • Review new action items (June’s incorporated into this agenda)
  • Complete Emily’s CaUFC Meeting Survey



CAUFC Staff: Nancy Hughes, Deb Etheredge

At Large Board Members: Emily Spillett, Bob Blum, Magen Shaw, Daniel Kump, Gordon Mann, Isby Fleishmann, Matt Deines, Sarah Gaskin, Elizabeth Lanham


Excused – Emina Darakjy, Anne Fenkner, Jeff Reimer, Lee Ayres, Nancy Sappington
Unexcused – Dave Duncan, Laura Burnett


12:04 Call to Order & Introductions

12:11 Approve Consent Calendar

Approved unanimously

  • 6.20.19 Board Meeting Minutes
  • Executive Director’s Report
  • Communications Director’s Report

12:40 PM – Old Business

Strategic Plan

 – ad hoc committee update – Nancy Sappington – not on call. No update; meeting to be scheduled in August.

Next in-person Board Meeting

Determine when next in-person Board Meeting should be held – Doodle Poll? – Everyone needs to complete the poll before the next meeting. Emily will resend poll to everyone.

Executive Committee

Need to focus on Executive Board moving forward. Need President-Elect, and time to transition other positions as well. Nancy will send a nomination form; Board members to complete and send to Emily and Nancy; ballot will be ready for the next meeting. Refer to updated roster sent by Nancy (will be posted on website; also look at bylaws for role descriptions). If regional Board Members take executive role, must be willing to fundraise.

Conference Silent Auction update

Emina sent an email. Board members to send auction items/ideas to Emina.


The New Pipeline Report – Nancy

Very similar to last month; Nancy provided updates on all grant funded projects (refer to Report for details (no physical report – just a program overview & see E.D. Report)

A few highlights—we (via CALFIRE) have funding for shothole borer educational materials and tree removal/replanting. CDFA has funds for monitoring, etc.; Nancy will share information with all Board Members once available. Urban wood program also progressing! CalFire U&CF will have funding for Counties to address ISHB – Nancy will keep us posted once that info is available.


Board Members need to register! Funding for travel available as needed.


Development (Friend raising & Fundraising) – Emily

Annual Campaign

Updates and Discussion

Video training

Can happen at in-person meeting, or Deb can do individual meetings if needed. Anticipate adding to October meeting.

Board member Commitments

Board member Commitments/timeline/goals/accomplishments– on website

Annual calendar

Discuss annual calendar (regular and in-person meetings) – on website

Communications Plan/Strategic Plan

Board Members to review the Communications Plan/Strategic Plan and identify questions/thoughts for 2019 goals/actions.

Regional Council Board Members

  • Need leadership. Include this in the nomination form. Goal to facilitate collaboration amongst councils.
  • Clarification- Regional Board Members expected to participate in monthly calls.
  • Review Councils’ structure? Can be discussed through leadership/ad hoc committee. This may also need to be addressed through the Strategic Plan. Emily and Nancy to follow up with Regional Council members.
  • Council updates should be provided at every meeting, and monthly newsletters. (None today)

12:48 PM – Adjourned

Action Items

  • Emily – schedule Strategic Plan meeting for August. Emily and Nancy to follow up with Regional Council members regarding leadership and structure; this discussion incorporated into Strategic Plan discussion.
  • All – complete poll for meeting preferences
  • Nancy – create and send an Executive Committee Nomination Form.
  • All – Send nominations to Emily/Nancy before next meeting (Or sooner so ballot can be prepared??)
  • All – Register for conference; send silent auction items/ideas to Emina.
  • All – review the Communications Plan/Strategic Plan and identify questions/thoughts for 2019 goals/actions.