Email subscribers have gone up slightly in the past month. We are making more of an effort to get a regular monthly newsletter out with upcoming events. To view the latest newsletter click here.

CAUFC Communications Channels

Facebook page likes: 1,128
Facebook page followers: 1,126
Twitter: 941
Email subscribers: 1,542

CAUFC Website Views and Visits

Views were up in October and dropped back down in November. January picked up again, and we’re hoping to see more site traffic in the coming months.


  • Visitors to the site arrive via the home page.
  • People are coming for our tools and events
  • Google is still the most common search engine, then Bing
  • Facebook bring some visitors
  • Our visitors are almost all North American


All IFGU social media channels were slightly down in the past month. I expect this to reverse in the coming months as we start planting trees for the CIRCLE 3 Arbor Day events across the state.

IFGU Communications Channels

Facebook page likes: 897
Facebook page followers: 863
Twitter: 541
Instagram: 634

IFGU Website Views and Visits

January visits are up, and February is tracking to be a good month for website visits. We shoudl be experiencing more traffic with CIRCLE 3 Arbor Day tree planting events happening in the spring.


    • Visitors are coming for the Community Canopy trees
    • CIRCLE 3 tree planting events are also popular
    • The CIRCLE 3 page is the main portal for the CIRCLE 3 program and is the home page for IFGU at the moment