Executive Director’s Report September 2020

Federal Policy Update – No update

Forest Service Regional Update – No update

Forest Service Funding – No update

Forest Service Research

Participating in a virtual meeting next week of the board of the Los Angeles Center for Urban Natural Resources. This center is where the Forest Service houses many of the researchers working through the Pacific Southwest Research Center. Annually, there are grants awarded to graduate students performing important research furthering urban forestry needs. Miranda Hutten from the FS leads these meetings with representatives from all facets of UF in the greater LA. We represent the statewide agenda. I was one of the original organizers that helped form this Center.

Cal Fire – No update

CUFAC – (California Urban Forest Advisory Committee – to CAL FIRE) – Next meeting 10/28/2020 – finalizing the new strategic plan and working with U&CF staff for deliverables and applicability.

State Policy & Advocacy  Please see the attached document entitled “CaUFC Legislative Report”

Program Updates

NEW – CIRCLE 4.0 (Cap & Trade Funding)

We held our first organizing meeting on the program on 8/28/20.  Next meeting today, 9.11.2020. We have moved the planting date out to the Spring of 2020 due to COVID impacts. We will be working with 30 cities and community groups across CA. Taylor Guitar is one of our partners.  Along with Taylor comes musician Beatie Wolf. Right now we are looking into contract growing the new species Dr. Matt Ritter is testing and recommending as climate transitional trees. Approximately 25% of the trees we will be planting will fall into this category. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is also a partner. So much to do! See the overview of the project.

Cool Parks Program – We tentatively have plantings coming back online in October and November 2020; to be confirmed as we get closer and COVID-19 impacts are being assessed. We have till 2022 on this grant so there is a lot of flexibility to meet obligations. Meanwhile, we are planning for the future. We are working on protocols for planting events and additional safety materials and procedures now.

We have an Instagram/Facebook live event with Sacramento State on 9/24/20!  The new ways to get the work done post-COVID-19!

City Forest Renewal.  This project is moving forward as COVID19 is less impactful. These are the cities we have begun work in or are in the planning stages with:

The Intersection Between Wildland Urban Interface and Urban Forestry – Daniel Jackman is the project manager through Davey Resource Group. I have received two reports regarding the research underway. I’ll submit a more detailed update next month.

Working with CA Dept. of Food and Agriculture – no update

Regional Councils – each council is on its own schedule regarding events and five of the seven are generally very active. However, due to COVID-19 impacts things have been dialed way back. Most of the efforts are via GOTOMEETIMG or some version of this outreach tool. It would be fabulous to have the councils submit a monthly report to support our reporting to the Forest Service – here’s the link; we can try again!  https://caufc.org/regional-council-report/

We are supporting the Sac Council in their outreach work to shine a light on the Capitol Park planned construction and potential loss of historic and significant trees, etc. Paula Peper and Anne Fenkner have been doing great work on this. Here’s a link to the webinar. https://caufc.org/programs/regional-councils/sacramento-valley-area-urban-forest-council/

Webinars – We are happy to entertain ideas. If you have one reach out.  Otherwise, Deb and I are brainstorming, one, for example, will be on Advocacy.

Plans to partner with each regional council will be addressed. We have extra funding for each council if they participate in the planning and organizing of the city policy-focused webinars, help with the marketing and outreach, etc. I have shared the JPIA Policy materials with all of you.


Financial DocumentsI will be sending you financial documents next Wednesday, along with programmatic/financial documents.  We will go through them on our call.

Outreach – We are working on materials as an outgrowth of our webinar with Ming Kuo on public health outcomes. This is so exciting! If you haven’t seen the webinar, you must! https://caufc.org/growing-human-health-equity/ 

Deb and I have also talked with Matthew Browning, the other key researcher on the Kaiser study, and we are looking at creating additional materials for him as we. Deb and I have received the study (proprietary) and are combing it for important facts to share.

The “Trees Are Essential Campaign” has launched – please go to our site and take a look. Also, we NEED you, as leaders of this organization, to spread the word! Please follow us on FaceBook and other social media and forward our messaging. Take the survey. Help us gather this important information!  Thank you!

I am working on the initial requests for the Strategy Committees regarding existing efforts and documents. We are posting them on a Google Doc link for you all to access.

Please be well; stay healthy and strong!

Nancy Hughes

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