May 2019

Federal Policy Update

No update.  Maybe Gordon can give us a summary of what occurred at the meeting.

Forest Service Regional Update

Another call scheduled for June.

Forest Service Funding

All of our paperwork has been submitted to the Forest Service for our new project called Merging at the Intersection of Urban Forestry and the Wildland Interface.  Expecting to start in July.  Will need a new staff person who can get up to speed fast and understands the WUI.  Also prompts the thought of needing larger office space, but that may not be necessary.  Thinking on this.

Forest Service Research

– no update

Cal Fire

We did receive notice that our Urban Tree Removal and Education Project has been funded.  I expect that will start around August sometime.


I attended a meeting on May 8th and 9th is Davis.  The Strategic Plan for the next five years was the focus and a lot was accomplished.  A meeting with Chief Porter is also scheduled for a group of us for July 11th.

State Policy Update

see Advocacy


I did rounds at the Capitol yesterday with various elected officials staff reflecting on the Cap and Trade funding for the upcoming fiscal year which currently is at zero for urban forestry and other natural resources programs.  There is a coalition effort underway requesting $400 Million for natural resources led by Assembly member Garcia and Senator Stern.  Based on yesterday’s meeting it is not looking likely that that amount has any traction.  It could force the coalition to break up and all fend for ourselves.  Who knows.  WE are also thinking through a challenge to the Cal Fire Healthy Forests funding asking for U&CF to come of that as a line item in the budget.

We are also advising on a workforce development bill (actually there are two now plus the governor has funding in GGRF too).  This is a mess right now but we are pushing for uban forstry to be included.

I am waiting to hear back from Jack McCabe of Davey Resource Group Utility Vegetation Management – determining if we will grow our efforts around trees and line-clearance

Program Updates

CIRCLE Projects (Cap & Trade Funding)

CIRCLE 1.0 – monitoring only, no update

CIRCLE 2.0 – sending out text messages to tree recipients to remind them to water along with other tree tidbits;

High-Speed Rail CIRCLE 3.0 – We will be finishing up the Spring tree plantings by the end of this month with two exceptions – City of Bell and LA County Parks – these two will be scheduled for May.  The balance of the Community Canopy Trees (smaller trees on private property) will go in this Fall.

2019 Conference

Plans are moving forward for our conference which is entitled (day one) “The Time is NOW! – Urban Forestry & Climate Change” and day two “Urban Wood – Growth of an Industree” and we will be working with our Central Coast Regional Council hand in glove on this. We have found a site in downtown San Luis Obispo called the Ludwick Community Center, we will have two tours, one at the beginning of the Cal Poly Campus, and the second at Pacific Coast Lumberyard and sawmill; 9/26-/28.  I now need to find hotels to book blocks of rooms.  If you know of any sponsorship possibilities, please let me know!

  • We have as our keynote a NASA scientist, Brian Campbell, who is running a project (Mission) entitled “Looking at Trees from Satellites, Aircraft, and the Ground: Why knowing where the trees are in your local ecosystem is vital!”
Workshops/Regional Councils

We are working with the Central Coast on an event called “Trees Among Us” – Urban Forest Awareness Day – May 25th in San Luis Obispo. I’ll be going down the day before to make further arrangements for the conference.


We helped the Santa Rosa Open Space Management Association with their planting logistics on April 26th.  The Western Chapter of the ISA were our saviors to help recruit arborists for a Friday planting event!  The professionals were amazing and made ick work of the 100 tree planting!

I attended a forestry tour with the Arbor Day Foundation of Paradise, CA. along with other tree related folks and corporate reps.   A very sobering event.  But evidence demonstrates that a managed forest can slow the spread of flames and save vital resources.  I expect more involvement with this coalition as we move forward.  We are also discussing another event in Santa Rosa this Fall.


I have reached out to Pam Mainini to schedule an audit for June or July. Have not heard back yet with that date.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Hughes