July 2020

We have launched our Trees are Essential campaign at the end of June. The campaign area of the website features tools and resources to help people advocate for urban trees. The first call to action of the campaign centered on a survey. The survey is designed to discover the community’s attitude towards urban forestry and the extent of local budget cuts. We have had 38 responses to our survey thus far and will be publishing the results in our next newsletter.

Trees are Essential Campaign on the web

The campaign site features eight pages, offering information, tools, and things to share on social media. From the landing page, visitors are directed to take a survey or to the stuff to share page. Survey pageviews are 49 for the residential survey and 38 for professionals.

Pageviews: 119
Time spent on page: 2 m 52 secs

Pageviews: 120
Time spent on page: 18 secs
(visitors choose which survey to take)

Pageviews: 28
Time spent on page: 1 m 06 secs

Pageviews: 35
Time spent on page: 3 m 58 secs

Pageviews: 57
Time spent on page: 3 m 35 secs

Pageviews: 2
Time spent on page: 29 secs

Pageviews: 7
Time spent on page: 33 secs

Pageviews: 2
Time spent on page: 2 m 24 secs

Trees are Essential Campaign performance on social media

The Trees are Essential campaign is running on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Articles from news sources have been shared on social media relating to urban forestry budget cuts, urban forestry and public health, and Covid-19 and air pollution. We have also shared links to advocacy resources


COVID-19 and air pollution (article)
Reach: 647
Post clicks: 32
Reactions: 50

Why Public Health Researchers Are Looking to Urban Trees (article)
Reach: 290
Post clicks: 42
Reactions: 121

San Francisco Tells City To Prepare For Double-Digit Budget Cuts (article)
Reach: 218
Post clicks: 10
Reactions: 9

Your Guide To The Massive Cuts Proposed For The LA City Budget

Reach: 202
Post clicks: 13
Reactions: 14

Advocate for Urban Forestry (slide show of powerpoint presentation)
Reach: 174
Post clicks: 7
Reactions: 6

Advocate – Ask your city to stop cutting trees (face mask image)
Reach: 156
Post clicks: 8
Reactions: 7


Our top performing tweets were the promotion of the upcoming webinar with Dr. Ming Kuo (489 impressions, 7 likes, 7 clicks on links and 2 retweets). The tweet with a link to the advocacy resources also performed well, with 230 impressions, 2 retweets, 2 links and 2 likes. Impressions equals the total number of times the tweet has been seen.

Impressions: 116
Engagement: 5


Here are some of our most popular posts on Instagram the past month. Impressions equals the total number of times the post has been seen. Engagement measures the number of likes, comments, shares or times the post was bookmarked. 

Impressions: 99
Engagement: 8

Impressions: 94
Engagement: 13

Impressions: 90
Engagement: 10


Impressions: 88
Engagement: 7

Impressions: 88
Engagement: 14

Impressions: 88
Engagement: 13

Trees are Essential Survey Results – Residential

Our audience was directed to the website and asked to complete a short survey regarding their attitudes towards their urban forest and their knowledge of local budget cuts. Here are the results of the residential responses.

Age Groups of Concerned Residents

A: 18–30
B: No answer
C: 65+
D: 50–65
E: 31–49

Thinking about the trees in your community, do you have;

A: Just right
B: Too few

What is the most important benefit that urban trees provide in your neighborhood?

A: No trees to get benefits from
B: Encourage exercise
C: Cool the neighborhood

Currently, do you see City residents behavior toward access to parks and greenspace changing?

A: Yes
B: No

People mostly reported seeing more people in their local parks and on trails when asked for more details. 

Are you seeing community members getting more involved in urban forestry issues?

A: No
B: Yes

Trees are Essential Survey Results – Professionals

Our audience was directed to the website and asked to complete a short survey regarding their attitudes towards their urban forest and their knowledge of local budget cuts. Here are the results of the professional responses.

Age Groups of Concerned Residents

A: 65+
B: 31–49
C: 50–65

Department or area of focus;

A: Public Works
B: No Answer 
C: Real Estate Services
D: Planning
E: Transport
F: Parks and Recreation

Has your city or town cut spending on any of the following?

A: Cuts occurring, no details yet
B: Parks
C: Tree Care
D: No cuts
E: Urban Forestry Planning

Have jobs been lost, or are jobs expected to be cut in the near future?

A: Unsure
B: No
C: Yes

Has your organization been impacted by any changes to city budgets for urban forestry?

A: Unsure
B: No
C: Yes

Has your organization cut jobs or are planning to cut jobs in the near future?

A: Yes
B: Unsure
C: No

CAUFC Communications Channels

Email subscribers: 3,727 

The email subscribers have slightly increased over the past three months from a previously reported list of 1,619. The big difference is due to adding email addresses of volunteers from past events, from those who signed up from community canopy trees and also, a list shared from WCISA of members with a city email address (for promoting a webinar).


Facebook page followers: 1,398
Twitter: 1,034
Instagram: 243

All social media channels are continuing to grow. More frequent posting to Twitter and Instagram with the Trees are Essential campaign have helped.

Email Audience

Our email list performance, measured by open and click rates:

  • 23.5% Average Open Rate
  • 3.5% Average Click Rate
  • 0.1% Average Unsubscribe Rate

June newsletter performance:

  • 19.1% Open Rate
  • 2.6% Click Rate (62 clicks)

People opening our emails ‘often’ and ‘sometimes’ increased in the past month. Engagement (how our subscribers respond, by opening emails and clicking on links):

  • 21% often
  • 22% sometimes
  • 54% rarely


CAUFC Website Views and Visits


The chart on the right tracks the page views and visitors to the site each month. After peaking in September (for the conference), views and visitors dropped back before picking up again in January and dropping again in March. Views have once again picked up since we have been hosting webinars and adding more resources to the site. 

Website statistics for the past 12 months
(July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020).

  • Visitors: 7,826
  • Page Views: 21,780


Average time on site

The average time visitors are spending on the website has increased over the past 12 months, to 1 minute and 52 seconds.

Website performance over past year (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020)




to Site:






% New Sessions:






Avg. Time
on Site:

1m 52secs


New Sessions:


Returning Sessions:




Tablet 2.6%

Mobile 25.9%

Desktop 71.5%

Top pages by views (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020)
  1. Home page – 5,549
  2. Schedule 2019 – 1,358
  3. Why Urban Forests? – 668
  4. Resources – 634
  5. Events – 599
  6. About Us – 578
  7. Speakers 2019 – 463
  8. Home Page – 435
  9. CA Climate Trees Map – 393
  10. Board – 374
Top pages by views (June 25, 2020 – July 15, 2020)
  1. Home page – 230
  2. Trees are Essential (Landing Page) – 125
  3. Trees are Essential Survey – 120
  4. Trees are Essential Webinar Dr Ming Kuo – 74
  5. Trees are Essential Stuff to Share – 61
  6. Resdient Survey – 49
  7. Professional Survey – 38
  8. Trees are Essential Advocacy Resources – 36
  9. Why Urban Forests? – 30
  10. Trees are Essential Tools – 28


Donations this year

Donations: $7,498
Donations: 21

*$203.90 has been donated for the Dr. Kuo webinar

IFGU Communications Channels

Facebook followers: 925
Twitter: 525
Instagram: 689

IFGU Website Views and Visits


Visits to the IFGU site trended up with the fall tree planting events for the Cool Parks program, before dropping off over the winter. Visits have picked up with tree workshops and planting events starting in the spring.

Page Views (March): 369

Visitors (March): 200



Average time on site

The average time visitors are spending on the website increased in March, to 84 seconds, almost double of the past month.

Top pages by views (Apr 1, 2019 – March 31, 2020)
  1. Invest From the Ground Up –
    Growing Trees Make Great Neighborhoods
  2. San Francisco Bay Area Tree Planting Project
  3. Arbor Day Foundation Community Canopy Trees
  4. Trees are the Lungs of the Earth
  5. Home page
  6. Resources
  7. About us
  8. Great things grow on trees
  9. CIRCLE3.0
  10. Trees mean business
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