Robert Blum

Robert Blum

Board Member

I am an attorney who has practiced law in San Francisco for more than 30 years. Throughout my career, I have especially enjoyed my representation of clients who are active in vegetation management and tree care. Through my practice, I have come to understand the importance and benefits of urban forests, the complex issues and interests that are involved, and the many ways they affect our lives in California.

Help Bob Grow Great Communities

CaUFC is a nonprofit organization doing work that is essential to the health and vitality of our cities, towns, and neighborhoods, and to the quality of our lives in California. A donation to CaUFC will assist in its mission of promoting local and regional urban greening efforts, and its work in aid of state and federal programs that foster the maintenance and growth of sustainable urban forests. I am proud to serve on CaUFC’s Board. Please join me in supporting CaUFC’s programs.

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