Monthly Call:

August 15, 2019

12:00 Noon – 1:10 PM


Meeting Objectives:

  • Review and approve Agenda
  • Consent Calendar Item & Financial Reports
  • Schedule Strategic Plan ad-hoc Committee meeting
  • Discuss & Determine next in-person board meeting date
  • Discuss, nominate and vote(?) on new executive committee
  • Commitments to Silent Auction for Conference
  • Hear the new Pipeline Report (synopsis of the E.D. Report)
  • Development efforts
  • New Advisory Council Application discussion
  • Regional Councils efforts and support
  • Review new action items (July’s incorporated into August’s agenda)



CAUFC Staff: Deb Etheredge

At Large Board Members: Emily Spillett, Lee Ayres, Megan Shaw, Jeff Reimer, Sarah Gaskin, Elizabeth Lanham, Emina Darakjy


Excused – Nancy Hughes, Anne Fenkner, Daniel Kump, Isby Fleishmann, Nancy Sappington
Unexcused – Dave Duncan, Laura Burnett, Bob Blum,  Gordon Mann, Matt Deines


12:04 Call to Order & Introductions

12:11 Approve Consent Calendar

  • Emily moved to approve agenda with addition of Sarah’s report at 12.40 pm
  • Emina discussion of timing of monthly phone meetings
  • Draft Financials sent out by Nancy
  • Consent Calendar approved with modification that Draft Financial statements are moved to September meeting
  • 7.18.19 Board Meeting Minutes
  • Executive Director’s Report – see report
  • Communications Director’s Report

12:17 PM – Old Business

Strategic Plan

  • ad hoc committee update – Nancy Sappington – not on call.
  • Started reviewing, providing initial points for reviewed, updated and changed next meeting

Poll about in-person meetings

  • in person meetings twice a day
  • one day in length
  • 41% rotation between regions, or north / south
  • preferred days for metings & calls; Thursday, Friday, Tuesday
  • time for meeting either early morning or midday
  • talk about planning and fundraising
  • Emily to share the results of the poll

Executive Committee

Ballot is available online and was sent in the pack. No nominations as yet. Deb will resend link to ballot online.

Conference Silent Auction update

Inland Empire donating tickets to Knotsbury Farm to silent auction. Emina asking for more items.

12:31 PM Pipeline Report – Nancy

Nancy’s report is available online here.


Board Members need to register! Funding for travel available as needed.

Development (Friend raising & Fundraising) – Sarah

Community Park Day in Yountville

Fundraiser for CaUFC sponsored by A Plus. Yountville has had the oldest oak tree removed and the wood has been turned into benches, etc for the community. Tree Circus will be there forkids to climb. Education booth, ask an arborist booth, etc. Fundraising on the day for food, or drink, auction items created from urban wood. End of October, early November.

Promotion items posters, flyers or postcards, ads in local press, etc.

Board Application

Gordon will call Kit Jory to establish interest level in the board and clear up the ‘advisory council’ statement.

12:43 PM Regional Council Board Members

  • STS summer conference on August 28. Planning winter conference at the Huntington Garden – Emina.
  • Bay Area currently planning next learn at lunch event for possibly September. Working with Pittsburg for October Arbor Day event. Working with Canopy for a planting event in Foster City.
  • Jeff for Central Coast working on behind the scenes organization for the upcoming conference.
  • Lee, with Tree Fresno working with regional foresterr for a workshop in October. Meeting upcoming to organize a network of groups, like Earth Day, etc.
  • Review Councils’ structure? Can be discussed through leadership/ad hoc committee. This may also need to be addressed through the Strategic Plan. Emily and Nancy to follow up with Regional Council members and discuss during Regional Council meeting.

12:51 PM – Adjourned

Action Items

  • Emily – schedule Strategic Plan meeting/catch up. Emily and Nancy to follow up with Regional Council members regarding leadership and structure; this discussion incorporated into Strategic Plan discussion.
  • All – complete poll for meeting preferences.
  • All – complete Executive Committee Nomination Form.
  • All – Register for conference; send silent auction items/ideas to Emina.
  • All – review the Communications Plan/Strategic Plan and identify questions/thoughts for 2019 goals/actions.


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