Minutes: April, 2020



Board Members: Emily Spillett, Gordon Mann, Daniel Kump, Elizabeth Lanham, Anne Fenker, Magen Shaw, Sarah Gaskin, Jeff Reimer, Mona Cummings, Nancy Sappington, Kit Jory (Guest)

Staff: Nancy Hughes, Deb Etheredge 


Emina Darakyj, Dave Duncan, Matt Deines, Isby Fleischmann, Laura Burnett, Bob Blum


Action Items

  • Review, Approve agenda, Consent Calendar

  • Install New Executive Board Members

  • Finalize date and time of executive committee audit review

  • Finalize date and time of virtual online Strategic Plan – Planning Session

  • Determine best Video Software for Board calls

  • Board Update from Executive Director


Call to Order: 12:07 PM

Review and Approve Agenda:
approved with modifications proposed by Emily, including that the executive committee vote will not be included today.

Unanimously approved at 12:09 PM

Approve Consent Calendar:

Unanimously approved at 12:11 PM

New Board Member Application:

Gordon and Kit Jory gave a background of Kit’s experience and board application.

Old Business:

  • Install new Executive Board members – Emily at 12.17
    • Daniel Kump – President – 2 years
    • Emina Darakjy – President-elect – 2 years (absent)
    • Isby Fleishmann – Secretary/Treasurer – 2 years (absent)
    • Emily Spillett – Past President – 1 year
  • Set time for Executive Committee call to review 2018 Audit – Emily to set up offline. Nancy Hughes added the auditor could make a presentation if need be.
  • Schedule Virtual Strategic Planning Session – Daniel Kump
    • Nancy Hughes suggests giving this session more time, for example a two-hour session.
    • Staff may need to prepare materials for the session
    • Emily suggests an earlier time on Thursday like between 8 AM to 10 AM and it should be a video call on GoToMeeting
    • Elizabeth would prefer earlier calls and going to a video format
    • Magen suggested 10 AM Thursday
    • Works for Gordon, Anne, Mona
    • Tentative meeting, May 14th, 10 AM – 12 noon
    • Nancy, Daniel and Deb to do brain storming to prepare for the meeting
  • GoToMeeting as the preferred video conference platform

Board UpdateNancy

  • A round of thank you’s to Emily for serving as Board President for the past two year.

12:42 PM – Adjourn



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